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BCHS Class of 1938 - Part 4

Bainbridge Central High School - Class of 1938
Senior Portraits
"Echo" 1938
Stanley Hutchinson
You have great aims before you in the field of history.  You are musically talented, and many who hear you sing, know that you have exercised your ability.

Marion Jeffers
Yours is a bright, hopeful, charitable nature.  You are sympathetic and loving and possess all the qualities essential for a successful housewife.  Your years of homemaking in high school should be a good foundation for making you a model homemaker.. We hope you will be very happy.

Charles Levee
You are interested in agriculture.  You will probably go a long way in this field because you are a hard worker, though slow in starting.  You are determined to reach your goal.

Frank Lewis
You are a willing helper and an industrious worker.  Your ideas are chiefly those of a civil engineer.  You are fond of sports, especially swimming and tennis.

Stanley Lord
Yours is a philosophical, generous nature.  You are likewise frank, independent and forceful.  You are naturally given to inquiry, investigation and experiment.  You delight in using big words, and should some day make use of your ability by being a professor--or even a politician.

Evalina Moore
You are gifted with a fine sense of rhythm, making you an expert dancer.  Signs say you wish to be a nurse.  We feel your cheerful disposition and willingness to help should be good qualifications for this noble profession.  It is the opinion of some that you should go to Hollywood.

Marriages (July 30)

The marriage of Miss Isobel Viola Reynolds, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris A. Reynolds, of North Afton [Chenango Co., NY], and Clayton Henry Mulwane, foster son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter McIntyre, of Oxford [Chenango Co., NY], was solemnized at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 25, in the North Afton Methodist Church.  The Rev. Kenneth Kingston, pastor of the Afton and North Afton Methodist Churches, officiated at the ceremony.  Wedding music, consisting of "O Promise Me," a selection from Lohengrin and "I Love Your Truly," was pleasingly rendered by Mrs. George A. Hall.  The bride was gowned in a basque style dress of white satin with sweetheart neckline and long sleeves tapering at the wrist.  Her fingertip veil was of net edged in narrow white lace.  Her only jewelry was a three strand necklace of pearls, gift of the bridegroom.  She carried a bouquet of white roses with white satin streamers.  Miss Jean Merritt, cousin of the bride attended as bridesmaid and wore a gown of yellow chiffon with yellow roses.  Larry Dimorier, of Afton, acted as best man for the bridegroom.  The bride's traveling suit was of Navy blue wool Shetland with Navy accessories.  A reception was held immediately following the ceremony at the bride's home for members of the immediate families and a few relatives and friends.  Mrs. Reynolds, mother of the bride wore Navy with matching accessories and a corsage of magenta roses.  The bridegroom's mother chose Navy with white accessories and wore a corsage of pink roses.  The former Miss Reynolds is a graduate of Bainbridge Central School Class of '41.  Mr. Mulwane was graduated from Oxford Academy Class of '39, later attending Hartwick College.  In 1941 he was employed by Bell Aircraft in Buffalo from which he was transferred to Burlington, Vt., where the couple will now reside.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Nov. 2, 1944]
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Spaulding, of Edmeston, announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Jean Marie Bennett, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], to Gerald Wynn Bickford, son of Mr. and Mrs. William O. Bickford, of Coventry [Chenango Co., NY].  No date has been set for the wedding.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Nov. 2, 1944]
Marriage Notices

Bainbridge Republican, Feb. 19, 1876
PHILLIPS - UTTER:  In Georgetown, Madison county, Feb. 6, 1876, by Rev. Mr. Holroyd, Mr. D.E.Phillips of Otselic, N.Y. [Chenango Co., NY], to Miss Mary Utter, formerly of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY]. 

Bainbridge Republican, Mar. 18, 1876
WAGNER - OLDS:  in Bainbridge, March 14th, 1876, by Rev. A.B. Richardson, Mr. Peter Wagner, of Afton [Chenango Co., NY], to Mrs. Nancy Olds, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY].

Bainbridge Republican, June 24, 1876
PHELPS - McNEIL:  In Oxford [Chenango Co., NY], June 12th, 1876 by Rev. H. Collin, Mr. Edward H. Phelps, of Binghamton [Broome Co., NY], to Miss Achsa McNeil.
KELSEY - DAVIDSON:  In Greene, June 14th, by Rev. Mr. Snyder, Mr. Wm. T. Kelsey, of Binghamton [Broome Co., NY], to Miss Bette Davidson, of Greene [Chenango Co., NY]


Obituaries (July 30)

Mrs. F.S. Converse, a former resident of Mt. Upton [Chenango Co., NY] and later of Binghamton [Broome Co., NY], died at Wellsville, Oct. 23, 1944.  The body was brought to Bainbridge, where arrangements for burial in Mt. Upton Cemetery were made by Colwell Brothers.  The service was held on Thursday at 11 o'clock with the Rev. Paul L. Carpenter officiating.  Mrs. Converse was an aunt of Mrs. Herman Newell and a cousin of Mrs. Clara Price and Miss Harriett Jaquins. She attended school in the Bainbridge Academy in 1878.  Before her illness she was a faithful member of the Presbyterian Church in Binghamton.  [Bainbridge News & Republican November 2, 1944]
A Sidney correspondent says that Leon Bowman, 58, dropped dead Saturday while sitting in a chair in the office of Dr. Fred Elliott.  He is survived by his wife, Clara Stevens Bowman.  He had lived in Masonville [Delaware Co., NY] for several years. He lived on a small farm and for the last 10 years had worked in Stevens general store at Masonville. the funeral was held Monday afternoon at the Masonville Federated Church, with burial in Masonville.   [Bainbridge News & Republican, November 16, 1944]
Raymond Frank Tuckey died suddenly at his home at New Berlin Junction [Chenango Co., NY] shortly after noon Monday, Nov. 6.  The previous Saturday, he fell while caring for his chickens, and had not felt well since.  On Monday morning, while he was carrying a bag of feed, he suffered a severe pain in his chest--a physician was called but he lived only a few hours.  A native of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], he was born Jan. 3, 1907, the son of William A and Maude L. (Barstow) Tuckey, of Sidney.  He married Miss Dorothy Rowe, of Sidney.  After living in Sidney for 17 years, he moved to New Berlin Junction about four months ago.  He had been employed at the Scintilla in Sidney for 18 years.  Surviving are his wife and daughter, Louise Tuckey; his parents, three brothers, Floyd and William, of Sidney, ad Clifford, of Tuscon, Ariz.;  and several nieces and nephews.  Services were held Thursday afternoon at Colwell's Chapel, Bainbridge at 2 o'clock with the Rev. Paul L. Carpenter officiating. Burial was in Greenlawn Cemetery , Bainbridge.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Nov. 16, 1944]
Two Section Employees Fatally Injured
As Motor Work Car Strikes O.&W. Train
Norwich Sun, October 22, 1928
Two men are dead, another is at the Chenango Memorial Hospital seriously hurt, while a fourth escaped with minor injuries, near Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], Saturday night, when the motorized hand car on which the four were riding crashed into the rear of O.&W. passenger train No. 1, northbound and which the hand car was following.
The dead are: 
Earl H. Eastwood of Guilford, 39 years old, who succumbed to his injuries at the Norwich station, before he could be removed to the hospital in the Breese ambulance.
Charles Reynolds, also of Guilford, aged 22 years, who died at 9:45 Sunday morning at the hospital.  He suffered a broken back, broken ribs, puncture of lungs and internal injuries.  His body was paralyzed from his hips down, but he remained conscious for several hours after the accident.
The injured are:
Frank Reynolds, 37 years old, brother of the former victim, and Earl Palmer.  The latter is said to have jumped just a second before the collision, landing in a ditch by the side of the track, and was only bruised on his legs and arms.
Reynolds suffered from a fractured left hip, broken ribs and uncertain chest injuries.  It was stated he was improved at the hospital Monday morning.  Palmer was not confined at the hospital, but is at his home in Guilford.  All four men were members of the O.&W. section gang of which Austin Bourn is foreman and were working out of Guilford.  Mr. Bourn's wife died a few days ago and he was not working Saturday, the gang being in charge of Eastwood who is said to have been operating the motor hand car.
Investigations of the accident reveals that all four men had waited with their hand car at a switch south of Parker station until train 1 had passed.   This is said to have been their custom almost daily.  After train 1 had gone by the men placed their speeder on the main track and began to follow train one to Guilford, where all four lived.  Parker station is about two miles south of Guilford and is at the apex of a sharp curve, this curve extending both to the north and south of the deport for at least a city block.  Train one in charge of conductor L. C. Boyser of Utica and Engineer Chester VanDermark of Middletown, ran past Parker station, a flag stop and had backed up to discharge a passenger.
Due to the strong north wind blowing at the time, all four section men are reported to have had their backs partially to train one, and were unaware that the train they were following had stopped and backed up to Parker station.  The car was traveling at a fair rate of speed and although train one, it is said, had ceased to back up, and the members of the train crew shouted to the men on the on-rushing speeder, the victims failed to hear the warning, the motor car crashing into the rear of the passenger coach.
All four were thrown some distance, and were picked up and taken aboard train one and brought to the Norwich station of the O.&W.  Dr. A.H. Evans accompanied them to Norwich, and Dr. W.E. Haritgan was called to attend them at the hospital.  Eastwood died before he could be removed to the ambulance, and Dr. E.W. Wilcox, coroner, was called, and gave directions that the body be given in charge of Undertaken Geo. J. Devine of this city [Norwich, Chenango Co., NY].  Eastwood suffered a fracture of the skull and multiple fractures of the legs and arms.  He was born in Chadwicks, N.Y., and had been an employee of the O.&W. for 16 years.  Besides his wife he leaves three sons, Francis, Kenneth and Harold; also his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Eastwood, North Guilford; a brother, William of Rock Royal, and a sister, Mrs. Alonzo DeVee, Oxford.  A private prayer service is to be held at the late home at 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, and funeral services are to be  held in the M.E. church at Guilford at 2 o'clock, Rev. F.S. Crispel, and Rev. J.W. Bump officiating with burial in White cemetery at North Guilford.
The body of Charles Reynolds was taken in charge by Carr & Hare of Sidney, but funeral arrangements have not been made.  The deceased is survived by a wife and three children. 
The tragedy marks the third person to be killed on the O.&W. railroad since October 3.  The first victim was Adelbert Peckham, Smyrna farmer, struck at a grade crossing.  Train one figured in this crash, and Conductor L.C. Boyser was in charge of the train at the time of both fatalities. 

Soldier News continued - 1944

Wilfred Mesic Killed in Action in France
Bainbridge News & Republican, November 2, 1944

First Class Private Wilfred C. Mesic, 22, son of Charles Mesic, Afton [Chenango Co., NY], has given his life in action in France, according to word received by his sister, Mrs. Josephine Griswold, of Sidney [Delaware Co., NY], from the War Department.  Reported killed Oct. 1, the infantryman had entered that country from Italy early in August.  In a letter dated three months before his death, he said he was in good health.  The Sidney High School graduate had been in the service since December, 1942, and was assigned overseas last July.  Besides his father and sister, he is survived by a second sister, Mrs. Walter Brown of Tully, and a brother, Carl Mesic, of Plattsburg.
Pvt. Adam E. Bryden Killed in Action, James Ryan Seriously Wounded
Bainbridge News & Republican, November 2, 1944
A second Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY] boy has made the supreme sacrifice, and another has been seriously wounded in the European Theatre of War, defending the freedom of people throughout the world.  Killed in action in France on Oct. 7 was Pvt. Adam Eugene Bryden, 19, son of Mrs. Shirley Lee, of Front street, according to a telegram received Saturday night from the War Department; Seriously wounded in Germany on Oct. 7, was Capt. James F. Ryan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Ryan of South Main street, according to a telegram received last Wednesday forenoon, Oct. 25. 
Private Bryden left the States on his 19th birthday, July 3, arriving in Italy a few weeks later.  The young infantryman was then sent to southern France, where he became a member of General Patch's 7th Army.  He entered the service in January of this year and received his basic training at Camp Blanding, Fla.  Eugene was born in Deposit [Broome Co.,  NY] on July 3, 1925.  He moved to Bainbridge six years ago, where he attended Bainbridge Central School, and during this time made many friends.  Before entering the service he was employed at the Dry Milk Co.  Survivors, besides is mother, are his wife and infant daughter, Doris Jean, of Afton; and his grandmother, Mrs. Hattie Gladstone, of Hamden.  Arrangements are being made for a memorial service, date to be announced later.
The extent of Captain Ryan's wounds are unknown.  However, on Monday, two days before the arrival of the telegram from the War Department, his parents received the following cablegram from him:  "Coming along okay.  Best wishes to all.  Love, James Ryan."  Apparently the young officer thought his parents had already been notified of his injuries by the War Department at the time he sent his wire.  Captain Ryan, of the heavy artillery, is a member of the 30th "Old Hickory" division of sharpshooting Southerners.  For outstanding ability as an officer on the battlefield in Normandy, he was promoted to captain in the fore part of July.  Captain Ryan performed a miraculous feat when he led his battery to safety, without a single casualty, when surround by the enemy.  The young captain, who was member of the Officers' Reserve Corps, was called to active duty Aug. 1, 1941. He had been in England since March prior to the invasion of France.  The many friends of Captain "Jim" and his family are anxiously awaiting word of his speedy recovery. 
Letter Received from Capt. James Ryan
Bainbridge News & Republican, November 9, 1944
Captain James F. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Ryan, of South Main street, received the following letter last Saturday from their son, Captain James F. Ryan, who is confined to a hospital in England as a result of wounds received in battle on Oct. 7, in Germany.
Oct. 25, 1944, England
Dearest Mother and Dad,
I hope by now you've received the notification of my being wounded, also my cablegram.  I pray that you haven't been too greatly worried because it could be a lot worse.  I'm feeling in pretty good shape presently and although it looks like quite a long stay in the hospital everything will be o.k. in time.  Now for what details I can give you.  I was hit while in Germany, from there I was evacuated by ambulance and train to Paris then flown here by transport.
You may write me ... because I believe I'll be here long enough to hear from you.  Incidentally chances are that I'll be sent to the States for final treatment, so have the welcome mat ready (ha ha).  I'll write air mail as soon as I get the opportunity.  All my love dear Mother and Dad, please don't worry and regards to all.
Your loving son, Jim
P.S. You should see the other guy!
Memorial Service for Pvt. A. Eugene Bryden
Bainbridge  News & Republican, November 9, 1944
A Memorial Service for Pvt. A. Eugene Bryden, son of Mrs. Floyd W. Lee, of Front street [Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY], who was recently killed in action on the Western Front of Europe, will be held next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the local Methodist Church.  This is the first service of its kind to be held in Bainbridge during the present war.  The pastor, the Rev. Harry E. Brooks, will be in charge.  The American Legion Post will attend in a body.  The choir will sing under the direction of Mrs. Charles Arnold.  Donald Loomis will be the soloist. The address of the occasion will be given by the Rev. Ernest C. George, of Otego former pastor of the local Methodist church, who was the officiating minister at the marriage of Eugene Bryden and the former Leta Mae Jones, of Afton.  Private Bryden is survived by his mother, his wife and infant daughter, Doris Jean Bryden.  The public is invited to this service.
Ralph Corbin Awarded Combat Badge
Bainbridge News & Republican, November 9, 1944
T/4 Ralph D. Corbin, Radio-Operator, son of Mrs. Laura T. Corbin, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], was recently awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge for outstanding service and exemplary conduct against the enemy during the battle of Guam, American possession in the Marianas.  To this soldier it means wading ashore from an outlying reef, digging in mud, climbing mountains and crossing thick, hot jungle to close with the Jap. 
At 35 his background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in music.  Corbin was a Band Director at Bainbridge Central School, Bainbridge.  In the Army since March '42 the sarge has served with the 307th CT of the 77th "Statue of Liberty" Division.  This New York Division was seasoned by Louisiana swamps, Arizona and California deserts, amphibious, mountain, and jungle training before its entry into combat.
Pfc. Donald Silvernell Missing in Action
Bainbridge News & Republican, November 16, 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Silvernell, Unadilla [Otsego Co., NY], received a telegram from the War Department on Saturday stating that their son, Pfc. Donald Silvernell, has been missing in action since Oct. 26.  Early this month the parents were notified that this son was wounded in action Oct. 16.  In a letter Pvt. Silvernell said that he had suffered a shrapnel wound in his cheek and was in the hospital four days, then returned to duty.  Pvt. Silvernell is 20 years old and was with the Seventh Army in France.  Mr. and Mrs. Silvernell have a younger son also in the service.
Louis W. Finch Missing in Action
Bainbridge News & Republican, November 16, 1944
S/Sgt. Louis W. Finch
Staff Sergeant Louis W. Finch, of Bainbridge R.D.2 [Chenango Co., NY], a top turret gunner on a B-24 Bomber, is reported missing in action in the Italian Theatre of War since Oct. 23, according to word received by his wife, Doris Sherman Finch, from the War Department.
Staff Sergeant Finch entered the service on January 29, 1943.  He received his training at Buckley Field Armorer School, Colo., and the Harlingen Gunnery School, Tex.  The young sergeant had participated in major attacks on such strategic targets as the Ploesti Oil refineries, the Herman Goering Tank Works, the Szolnoh Railroad, Hungary, the Szeged Railroad, Hungary, and other important targets in Hungary, Germany, France and Italy.  He had just been awarded the Air Medal and Oak-Leaf Cluster.  After graduation from Deposit Central High School, he was employed as a machinist at the Casein Co., Bainbridge.

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Obituaries (July 29)

Brian Charles Nellis, 2-1/2, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn Nellis, of Allendale road, lost his life Sunday afternoon when he toppled into Rogers Lake, near Ansco Lake, west of Windsor [Broome Co., NY], while on a picnic with relatives and friends.  The child wandered away from other children at the picnic and was not missed for several minutes.  His father, a staff writer of The Binghamton Press, found the body floating in about two feet of water near shore.  An Ansco employee, who responded with an inhalator from nearby Ansco Lake, Broome County sheriff's men and a physician worked nearly two hours attempting to revive the child, but without avail.  [Bainbridge News  Republican, October 5, 1944]
Thomas Kelleher died early Wednesday morning, Sept. 27, of a heart attack, at the home of his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. George McKeever, on Bridge street, Sidney [Delaware Co., NY], where he has made his home for the past 11 years.  Born Dec. 2, 1863, in Maryland, N.Y. [Otsego Co.], the son of Daniel and Mary (Shea) Kelleher, he moved to Sidney when a small boy and has lived in the vicinity of Sidney and Bainbridge [Chenango Co. NY] all his life.  He married Martha Jane Payne, of Bainbridge, in 1889.  They made their home in that village, where he was employed in the Casein plant, until poor health caused him to give up his work. After the death of his wife in February, 1933, he moved to the home of his sister in Sidney. Although in poor health for several years, Mr. Kelleher was able to be about the home and streets  He was kind and thoughtful man, well liked by all who knew him, and will be greatly missed in the neighborhood. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge in Bainbridge.  Funeral services were conducted Friday afternoon from the Colwell Brothers funeral parlors in Bainbridge with the Rev. Wolfe, of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, of which he was a member, officiating.  Burial was in Greenlawn Cemetery at Bainbridge.  The bearers were men from Sidney with whom he was acquainted; Charles Wallin Everett H. Jewell, George Perry, Harry English, J.J. Klinkhammer and Edward Parise.  He is survived by the sister mentioned above and two brothers, Merton Kelleher, of Pulaski, and Daniel Kelleher, and also several nieces and nephews.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Oct. 5, 1944]
Miss Doris Harp, 18, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilmore Harp, of Martinsburg, W. Va., and granddaughter of Robert L. Banner, of Bainbridge, died Sunday of Hodgkin's Disease, after an illness of almost two years.  Mr. Banner and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Stead left Tuesday to attend the funeral which was held on Wednesday.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Oct. 26, 1944]
Mrs. Gesche Wessels, 79, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], died at the home of her sons, Wednesday, Oct. 18.  She was born in Emden, Germany, on Oct. 2, 1865.  Mrs. Wessels came to America in 1927, living in Freida, N.D., for six years, before coming to Bainbridge 11 years ago. Her husband died in 1914 in Manslagt, Germany.  The deceased is survived by 12 children, five living in Emden, and seven living in America.  One daughter died in 1927.  Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon, Oct. 21, at Colwell's Chapel, with the Rev. Paul Carpenter officiating.  Interment was in Greenlawn Cemetery, Bainbridge.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Oct. 26, 1944]
Mr. Wm. Sherwood has been for many years a resident of this village [Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY].  As a good, sound, substantial man, of irreproachable integrity, and consistent Christianity, he possessed a large degree the confidence of his fellow citizens, and passes from our midst universally regretted and mourned.  [Bainbridge Republican, Apr. 29, 1876]
Wilkins Settlement [Chenango Co., NY]:  Sudden indeed did the sad intelligence reach us of the death of Mrs. Sarah Stockwell of Afton [Chenango Co., NY], an old resident of this place.  It appears that she arose early in the morning of the 3d inst., and not feeling well, requested that a neighbor be summoned, but sad to relate, despite all the efforts put forth for her relief, she soon expired, leaving for us another instance which should not fail to be a warning to us to be prepared.  "Even in such an hour as ye think not, the son of man cometh."  "That while we are in the midst of life we are in death."[Bainbridge Republican, Feb. 19, 1876]
Death Notices, Bainbridge Republican, July 15, 1876
HOUCK:  In Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], June 29th, 1876, Mr. Josiah Houck, aged 77 years.
MEAD:  In Oxford [Chenango Co., NY], July 1st, 1876, Hattie L., daughter of W.B. and Adelia Mead, aged 3 years and 5 months.
WEEKS:  In Oxford [Chenango Co., NY], July 4th, Julia A., wife of the late Stephen Weeks, aged 58 years.

Marriages (July 29)

Gardner - Smith:  On Sunday, Sept. 17, at 4:30 p.m., Clarabelle Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith, of Lordville [Delaware Co., NY], was united in marriage with Pvt. Bernard A. Gardner, formerly of Deposit [Broome Co., NY] and now stationed in New York.  Serving in the capacity of best man, was Walter Smith, while Mildred Smith, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid.  The bride was attired in a two-piece street length blue dress.  The bride was given in marriage by her father.  The very simple wedding conducted by the Rev. George L. Payne, was held at the bride's home and attended by close friends and relatives.  A wedding breakfast was served immediately following the wedding, while soon after this the young couple left for Sidney, where they remained until Thursday with some relatives of the bride.  Pvt. Gardner, who is a guard on Pier 9, New York, was home on furlough.  He returned to duty on Sept. 22.  Mrs. Gardner will join him later.  [Bainbridge News & Republican,  Sept. 28, 1944]
Van Schaick - Bennett:  Miss Anna May Bennett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn J. Bennett of Afton [Chenango Co., NY], became the bride of Karl L. Van Schaick, son of Mrs. Daisy Van Schaick, of Afton, Saturday, Sept. 16, in the Baptist Church, Afton.  The Rev. Alan Douglas performed the ceremony.  Music preceding the ceremony was played by Miss Ruth Chamberlain, and Mrs. Harold Tyson, of Unadilla, sang "Oh Promise Me" and "Beloved."  Attending the bride as maid of honor was her sister, Miss Mildred Bennett.  Miss Shirley Fisher, Miss Irene Banks, Miss Anna Curtis were bridesmaids.  Maurice Sherman was best man and Harold Davy was usher.  Follwoign the ceremony a reception for 75 guests was held in the church.  In the center of the bride's table was a five-tier wedding cake with a miniature bride and bridegroom on the top.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 28, 1944]

Wed 68 Years
Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Marshall
The oldest couple in Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Marshall, observed their 68th wedding anniversary Saturday at their home.  The honored couple received many cards, calls, and a substantial amount of money from their neighbors and numerous friends.  Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, who are 89 and 86 years of age respectively, live alone and do their own work.  Mr. Marshall, who is a cabinet maker by trade, was in charge of a furniture factory in Johnson City for seven years.  During his latter years he has conducted a shop at his home.
Kelly - DePuy:  The home of Mrs. G.R. Youngs of Sidney Center, was the scene of a pretty home wedding on Saturday evening, Sept. 23, when her granddaughter, Miss Olive DePuy, daughter of Mrs. John Robinson, of Johnson City, was united in marriage to Paul M. Kelley, of Johnson City [Broome Co., NY].  Miss DePuy was given in marriage by her stepfather, John Robinson, Miss Susan Robinson was bridesmaid, and Lawrence K. Beames, of Oneonta, was best man.  The Rev. Z. James Hall, pastor of the Sidney Center Methodist church, officiated.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Oct. 5, 1944]
Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Pratt, of Harpursville [Broome Co., NY], announce the engagement of their daughter, Janice Eva, to Sergeant Howard A. Loker, U.S. Army, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Loker, of Walton [Delaware Co., NY].  No date has been set for the wedding.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Oct. 5, 1944]
Miss Dorothy Grace Money, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Money, of Oxford [Chenango Co., NY], became the bride of John E. Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lee, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Sept. 30.  The ceremony as performed at the home of the bride's aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. John Siebert, of McDonough.  The Rev. William Howard performed the ceremony.  Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a powder blue wool street length dress with navy accessories and a Juliet cap of white roses, with a matching corsage.  The maid of honor Miss Jeanne Moore, of Binghamton, was attired in an aqua wool dress with a corsage of red roses.  Robert Davy, of Greene R.D., was best man.  Mrs. Money, mother of the ride, was attired in royal blue crepe with matching accessories, and a corsage of mixed flowers.  The bridegroom's mother, Mrs. Lee, wore a navy blue ensemble with matching accessories.  She also wore a corsage of mixed flowers. A reception was held, following the ceremony, for the immediate families and friends. The table was centered with a three tiered wedding cake, topped by a miniature bride and groom. After the reception Mr. and Mrs. Lee left for a short wedding trip.  Upon their return they will reside in Bainbridge R.D.  The bride is a graduate of Oxford Academy and New York State Technical Institute at Delhi and is employed at the Afton Hospital.  The bridegroom attended Afton Central School and at present is employed by his father.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Oct. 12, 1944]   
Mrs. Ruth Meade announces the engagement of her daughter Ethel Allene, to James Morrow, Seaman First Class, U.S. Navy, son of Mrs. Frank Shofkom, of Sidney [Delaware Co., NY].  No date has been set for the wedding.  [Bainbridge News & Republican,  Oct. 26, 1944]
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Lieb, of 39 Maplewood street, Pittsburg, Pa., announce the engagement of their daughter, Dorothy Alice, to Robert E. Hitchcock, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde S. Hitchcock, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY].  Miss Lieb is a Third Class Petty Officer, stationed at the University of Illinois, in charge of the pay roll section for the training schools there.  A graduate of Etna High School, she was employed by the J.H. Heinz Co. in the statistical department before entering the service.  Mr. Hitchcock is a First class Petty Officer attached to the Supply Department and stationed at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, waiting for his ship to be commissioned there.  He is a graduate of Bainbridge Central High School and was employed by the G.L.F. Egg station in Bainbridge before entering the service.  No date has been set for the wedding.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Oct. 26, 1944]

Soldier News continued - 1944

Sgt. Howard Loker Returns from Overseas
Bainbridge News & Republican, September 28, 1944
Sgt. Howard Loker, who has been serving in the Mediterranean War Theatre with the ground forces of the Air Corps for the past two years, has returned to the States for re-assignment.  Last week he visited friends in Bainbridge.
Sgt. Loker wears a Presidential Unit Citation for a low-level raid on Aug. 1, 1943, also the middle East Ribbon with five bronze starts representing the Egyptian, Libyan, Tunisian, Sicilian, and Italian Campaigns.
S-Sgt. Richard Parsons is Missing in Action
Bainbridge News & Republican, October 19, 1944
S/Sgt. Richard Parsons
The many friends of S/Sgt. Richard Parsons, who was reported missing in action over Germany the 27th of September, are anxiously awaiting news of his safety.  The report was received in a telegram to h is wife, Pearl Taylor Parsons, Saturday afternoon, from the War Department.
"Dick," as he was known to all his friends, arrived overseas in June, and had been promoted to staff sergeant the fore part of August, also he had been awarded the Air Medal.
Staff Sergeant Parsons entered the service in August, 1943 and trained in the ground forces of the Air Corps until August, 1943 when he was transferred to Air Gunnery School where he qualified as a Waist and Tail Gunner.  It is understood that he was serving as a tail gunner on a bomber flying out of England at the time he was reported missing.
He is the youngest son fo Mrs. Emma Parsons and the late Mr. Parsons, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY]. 
No word has been received concerning Pfc. Earl Terry and Pfc. Archie Vial, both infantrymen, reported missing in action in France several weeks ago.
Pfc. Ernest E. Meade Missing in Action
Bainbridge News & Republican, October 26, 1944
Mrs. Ruth Meade received a telegram from the War Department Tuesday  night stating that Pfc. Ernest E. Meade had been missing in Holland since Sept. 25.  On June 14, Ernest was seriously wounded in France, and about six weeks ago, he rejoined his outfit, the Glider Infantry.
Lt. Robert C. Adams Killed in Action
Bainbridge News & Republican, November 2, 1944
Mrs. Ruth Adams received word that her husband, 1st Lieut. Robert C. Adams, was killed in action on Oct. 11.  He was a lieutenant in the Infantry.  The telegram came to Greene [Chenango Co., NY], where his parents reside, and they brought the sad news to his wife.  Mrs. Adams was the former Ruth Harrington, daughter of Mrs. Lottie Harrington, and makes her home with her sister, Mrs. Stuart B. Ives, and husband.  She is employed in the Scintilla offices.  Words are inadequate at this time to express our sympathy to her.
Mrs. Ruth Meade Receives Second Purple Heart from Sons
Bainbridge News & Republican, October 26, 1944
Mrs. Ruth Meade received the Purple Heart Medal Friday afternoon from her son, Pvt. Kenneth Meade, who had been wounded in the leg while in France.  Mrs. Meade first learned of Kenneth's injuries in a letter received from him on Friday stating that he had been wounded and was sending home his Purple Heart.  He didn't state when he was injured, but he has returned to his outfit, and is now located in Germany. 
This is the second Purple Heart Mrs. Meade has received, the first one was from her son, Pfc. Ernest Meade, who was wounded shortly after the invasion of Northern France.

Monday, July 28, 2014

BCHS Graduation - 1944

15 Students Receive Diplomas from B.C.H.S.
One Graduate Fayette L. Smith, Jr. AOM, Now Serving with Navy
Bainbridge News & Republican, July 6, 1944
Fifteen students received diplomas from Bainbridge Central High School [Chenango Co., NY] at the graduation exercise last week Tuesday evening.  The program for the evening follows:
Selection, Star Spangled Banner, High School Band
Invocation, Rev. Harry E Brooks
Essay with Salutatory, "The United States Cadet," Esther J. Bradish
Essay, "Penicillin The Wonder Drug," William F. Vawter
Essay, "Architecture Reflects the Trend of the Ages," Howard Cullen
Selection, Desert song, High School Band
Essay with Valedictory, "The International Highway," Elizabeth Hitchcock
Award of Diplomas, Dr. J.M. Flannery
Address, Lynn Peterson
Benediction, Rev. Harry E. Brooks
Selection, The Marching Band, High School Band
Class Roll - Class of 1944
Esther Jeanne Bradish
Howard Roy Cullen
Martha Meta Foster
Marion Hilda Harrington
Judith Eunice Hellerud
Erye Jeanne Hibbard
Joan Elinor hill
L. Elizabeth Hitchcock
Nema Laura Partridge
Golda Jane Pratt
Marion Esther Risedorph
Fayette L. Smith, Jr.
Donald James Stead
Murray Edgar Youngs
William Frank Vawter
Scholarship Prizes Awarded at B.C.H.S.
Bainbridge News & Republican, July 6, 1944
During the past school year, Junior and Senior High School students have been working hard to win one or more of the coveted scholarship prizes give by the Woman's Club, D.A.R., and Parent - Teachers Association.  All prizes awarded under the sponsorship of the P.T.A. were donated by Bainbridge individuals, business establishments, and the Fire Department.
At the Junior High School Commencement, prizes were awarded as follows:
Seventh Grade scholarship, David Coe and Claudine Eldred
Eighth Grade scholarship, Vinette Terry and Karl Salzberg
Social Studies, William Shea
English, Betty Collins and Karl Salzberg
Latin, Jean Salzberg
Mathematics, William Sollinge
Art, Claudine Eldred, June Garrison, Alice Scheiddeger and Kathleen Francisco
The following Senior High School prizes were awarded on Class Night and at the Senior High School Commencement:
Literary Achievement, Alma Olmstead
Courtesy Award, Betty Hitchcock
Science, William Vawter
Agriculture, Alton  Ireland
Modern Language, Helen Perry
Boys' Physical Education, Michael Flyzik
Citizenship, Michael Flyzik
Mechanical Drawing, Douglas Snyder
History, Betty Hitchcock
Prize Speaking and Dramatics, Michael Flyzik
Girls' Physical Education, Golda Pratt
Mathematics first prize, William Vawter
Mathematics, second prize, Harold Parsons
Commercial Subjects, Nema Partridge
Homemaking, Golda Pratt
Band, Dorwin Bosket
Art, Lillian Hodge, Grace Puerile and Darwin Taft
The winners of these prizes have every reason to be proud of their accomplishments and to take satisfaction in a job well done.


Obituaries (July 28)

Numan Tuckey died Aug. 30 at his home after being in poor health for two years.  Born Feb. 6, 1891, in Coventry [Chenango Co., NY], he was the son of James and Julia Tuckey.  At the age of 12 he moved to Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY] where he has lived until his death.  On Apr. 30, 1827, he was united in marriage to Jane Tripp, of Bennettsville.  He is survived by his wife, and son, Joseph Lee, 2-1/2; also a son, Jack Tuckey, of Binghamton, by a former marriage; two brothers, William, of Sidney; Amos W., of Bainbridge; and a sister, Mrs. Rose Stimpson, of Oneonta.  Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Colwell's Chapel, with the Rev. Paul Carpenter officiating.  Bearers were Robert Archer, Frank Daly, Albert Pixley and Reno Smith. Burial was in Greenlawn Cemetery [Bainbridge, NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 14, 1944]
Dr. Charles H. Herrick, of Unadilla [Otsego Co., NY], who had been ill for the past two weeks, suffering from angina, died last week Wednesday in the Fox Memorial Hospital, Oneonta, where he had been a patient since the previous Friday.  Dr. Herrick was the son of John and Hannah Herrick and was born July 24, 1869, in the Town of Masonville [Delaware Co., NY], and as a young lad resided near Sidney center [Delaware Co., NY].  He attended district school at Pine Swamp, near Tacoma, and was a student at the Albany Normal for a year and a half.  Later he studied medicine at the Albany Medical College from which he graduated in April, 1893.  In May of that year he bought the practice of Dr. Winans in Gilbertsville, where he started practicing.  On Nov. 7, 1894, he was married to Miss Gertrude Clark, of Gilbertsville, where they resided for 14 years, moving to Albany in May, 1907, where he practiced for 28 years previous to going to Unadilla.  Dr. Herrick was a member of the American Medical Association, an honorary member of the Otsego medical Society, a member of Butternuts Masonic Lodge and since going to Unadilla had been health officer.  Besides Mrs. Herrick he is survived by one son, Capt. Harold C. Herrick, of Unadilla, and two daughters, Mrs. A.T. Emerson, of Unadilla, and Mrs. G. Richards William son, of Guilderland.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 14, 1944]
Huldah E. Blakeslee, 84, of Afton [Chenango Co., NY], died at the home of her son, Frank Blakeslee, Monday, Sept. 11.  She is survived by her son, Frank, and three grandchildren.  Funeral services will be held on Thursday, Sept. 14, at 2:30 p.m. at Tabor's Funeral Home, Afton. The Rev. William Bartz, of Marathon, will officiate. Burial in Glenwood Cemetery, Aftont.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 14, 1944]
Word has been received here of the death of Mrs. Charles Pratt Perry, formerly of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], on Aug. 30, 1944, at her home in Yorktown heights.  After leaving Bainbridge she lived in Flushing until six years ago.  She is survived by two daughters, Miss Mabel l. Perry, of Yorktown Heights, and Mrs. P.W. Havenstein, of Wellsley Hills, Mass.  Another Daughter, Grace M. Perry died in Yorktown Heights last Easter Sunday.  Burial was in Greenlawn Cemetery, Bainbridge.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 14, 1944]
Jennie Meade Hoyt, wife of Frank Hoyt, of Juliand street [Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY], died at the Bainbridge Hospital on Sept. 4, 1944, after an illness of several weeks.  Born in Guilford [Chenango Co., ,NY] Feb. 15, 1874, she was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elverton Meade. At the age of three her mother died and she was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Terry, of Bainbridge.  On Mar. 29, 1894, she was united in marriage to Frank Hoyt.  Mrs. Hoyt was an active member of the Methodist church for 38 years, she was also a member of the Order of Eastern Star.  The deceased is survived by her husband, four sons, Harold, of Sidney; Ernest, Elverton and Clarence, all of Bainbridge.  Another son, Floyd, died in infancy, and a daughter, Myrtle, died in 1916 at the age of 12.  She is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. Melvin Taylor, of Vanport, Ore., and Mrs. Arthur Williams, of Sidney, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  Funeral services were held Sept. 7 at 2 o'clock in the Methodist Church with the Rev. Harry Brooks officiating. Bearers were Richmond Ellis, Lynn Klinetob, Roland James, Mortiz Roehlk, Claude Smith, and Fred Hamlin.  Burial was in the family plot in Greenland Cemetery [Bainbridge, NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 21, 1944]
Tuesday Sept. 12 occurred the death of Edward Root, at his home in Middletown [Orange Co., NY].  Mr. Root was born in Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], 70 years ago, and spent his younger days in our village.  He was a telegraph operator for the O.&W.R.R. and served many of the small towns in this vicinity.  He has been a train dispatcher in Middletown until last year, when he was eligible for retirement.  He married Miss Louise Simpson, of Mt. Upton.  Funeral services were held Friday with burial in the family plot at Walton.  Surviving are the widow; one brother and one sister, Mrs. Lou Price.  He is a nephew of Mrs. Charles Nicholson, of Guilford and Mrs. Minnie Detrick, of Oxford.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 21, 1944]

Mrs. Hattie E. Oles, of 143 Main street, Binghamton [Broome Co., NY], widow of Frank Oles, and a former resident of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], died in the Binghamton City Hospital Tuesday morning.  She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Rachel Hotchkiss, a son, James Clifton Oles, and a granddaughter Ann C. Hotchkiss, all of Binghamton; a brother, Robert Leal, of Sidney; and a sister, Mrs. Margaret Denton, of Utica.  She was a member of the First Baptist Church in Endicott.  Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock at the Parsons Funeral Home, 71 Main street, Binghamton.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 21, 1944]

Fatal Accident at Norwich:  Mr. J. W. Foster, a cartman at Norwich [Chenango Co., NY], was run into by a runaway team of Joseph Arnold, a farmer, living near the town of Guilford, on Tuesday last, the horses completely mounting the wagon, overturning it, breaking shafts and front, crushing the skull of Foster with hoofs just over the eyes and throwing him to the curb, on which his head struck with such force as to cause a contusion of the brain.  he survived but a few hours....Foster is 28 years of age and leaves a wife and twochildren.  [Bainbridge Republican, June 10, 1876]

Death of a Centennarian:  Last Thursday, Dallie Villemain, the oldest person in this County [Chenango Co., NY], died from the infirmities of age.  He was born April 9th, 1764, in Les Ayans, Canton De Lure, Department De La Haute, Saunte, France, and died April 20th, 1876, making him 112 years and 11 days old at his death.  He was a man of very strong constitution and enjoyed general good health.  At eighty he ran a foot race in Utica, and won the purse.  For a number of years he has lived wit his daughter, Mrs. Gauchat, I North West, Pharsalia [Chenango Co., NY].  --Pitcher Register.  [Bainbridge Republican, May 6, 1876]

Marriages (July 28)

Miss Jean E. Rainey, of Scranton, Pa., daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Everett Rainey, and Lt .Myron L. Carl, son of Mr. and Mrs. I.L. Carl, of Bainbridge, were married Tuesday, Aug. 29, at 4 o'clock in Scranton. the bride is a graduate of Honesdale High School and Hahnemann Hospital School of Nursing.  Lt. Carl graduated from Bainbridge High School in '38, Cornell University in '43, and received his commission at Carlsbad, N. Mex., in May 1944.  Since then his crew has trained at Boise, Idaho.  He had a short leave before leaving for overseas.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 21, 1944]
Miss Zita Charlene Armstrong, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Curtis, of Afton [Chenango Co., NY], was married to Carl R. Osterhout, Private First Class of the United States Marines, of Washington, D.C., son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallen Osterhout, of Binghamton [Broome Co., NY], Saturday morning at 11 o'clock in St. John's Church, Bainbridge.  The double ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. John Toomey, pastor.  The church was beautifully decorated with greens and autumn flowers.  Mrs. Earl Leonard was at the organ.  Given in marriage by her step-father, the bride wore a gown of white satin made princess style, with long sleeves, sweetheart neckline, and the full skirt terminated in a long train.  Her full length veil was held in place by a tiara trimmed with flowers.  She carried a powder-puff bouquet of white roses and carnations.  Mrs. Nicholas Radoni, of Huntington, L.I., sister of the bride, was matron of honor.  She wore a gown of rose taffeta made princess style, and a tiara of roses to match, and carried a bouquet of orchid pom-poms.  Mrs. Burndetta Hess of Cannonsville, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid.  She wore a gown of orchid taffeta fashioned similar to the matron of honor, and a tiara and veil to match her gown.  She carried a bouquet of pink pom-poms.  Madonna Jane Armstrong and Bonna Jean Armstrong, nieces of the bride, were flower girls.  They wore yellow and blue taffeta dresses respectively, with ribbon headdresses, and carried baskets of pastel pom-poms.  Shirley Osterhout, of Johnson City, a niece of the bridegroom, carried the bride's train.  she wore shell pink taffeta with headdress of ribbon.  The bridegroom was attended by his brothers, Richard Osterhourt, of Binghamton; and Walter Osterhout, of Johnson City. The mother of the bride was attired in black with black and white accessories and a corsage of red roses, while the mother of the bridegroom wore teal blue with rose accessories and a corsage of tea roses.  Following the ceremony a wedding luncheon was served in Cannonsville by Mrs. Burndetta Hess for about 50 relatives and friends.  A beautiful three-tiered wedding cake centered the bride's table.  The bride is a graduate of Bainbridge Central School, and on Sept. 10, was graduated from the School of Nursing of the Binghamton City Hospital.  The bridegroom was graduated form Hancock High School, and was returned to the States suffering from a tropical fever after spending 14 months in the Pacific War Theatre.  He is now stationed in Washington, D.C.  Private and Mrs. Osterhout will reside at 4566 Lilly Ponds Drive, N.E., Washington, D.C.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 21, 1944]
Miss Genevra Foster, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Foster, was untied in marriage to Anthony A. Plosky, Chief Petty Officer of U.S. Navy, Saturday, Sept. 16, 1944, at the Marble Collegiate Church, Fifth avenue, New York city.  The double ring ceremony as performed by the Rev. Paul R. Dickie, pastor of the church.  They were attended by Charles R. Arriham and August Schuf, of New York City.  Mrs. Plosky is a member of the Bainbridge Central School faculty, while Chief Petty Officer Plosky has just returned to the States on a 30-day leave after two years service in the South Pacific, having been attached to the 1st Marine Division.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 21, 1944]
Smith - Matts:  Orville S Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Smith, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], and Miss Mabel M. Matts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Matts, of Greene [Chenango Co., NY], were united in marriage on Saturday, Sept. 16, at 8:00 p.m. by the Rev. Paul L. Carpenter, pastor of the Presbyterian Church.  The ceremony took place at the manse on Juliand street [Bainbridge, NY].  Mr. Smith is a graduate of the Bainbridge Central High School in the class of 1943 and for a time was employed at the Rome Air Depot, but now is an employee of the Dry Milk Co.  He is in the enlisted reserve of the Army Air Corps.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith will make their home on the Bainbridge-Sidney road.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 28, 1944]
WHITNEY - ECKERSON:  At Schenevus N.Y. Feb. 9th, 1876, by Rev. N.S. Reynolds, Amasiah Whitney, of Sidney Plains [Delaware Co., NY], to Miss Martha Eckerson, of Charlottsville, N.Y. [Bainbridge Republican, Feb. 12, 1876]

VAN DEUSEN - GRIDLEY:  At the M.E. Parsonage in Sidney Plains, Feb. 2d, 1876, by Rev. N.S. Reynolds, Henry B. Van Deusen to Miss Hattie J. Gridley, both of Guilford [Chenango Co., NY].  [Bainbridge Republican, Feb. 12, 1876]

Soldier News continued, 1944

Charles Haase in First Ordnance Group to Hit Normandy Beach
Bainbridge News & Republican, September 14, 1944
A Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY] resident, Sgt. Charles A. Haase, son of the Rev. and Mrs. George Haase, was a member of the first outfit of the Ordnance Department, Army Service Forces, to hit the Normandy Beach on "D-Day," according to a combat memorandum received by Col. Frank J. Atwood, chief of the Rochester Ordnance District.

The party, headed by Lieut. James S Logan of Niagara Falls, included Sgt. Harvey R. Ransom, Cazenovia; Sgt. Mario R. Liberatore, Philadelphia, Pa.; Cpl. Charles C. Bodine, Dallas, Texas, and Pfc. Wilfred R. Stiffler, Altoona, Pa.
The Ordnance District Chief, in releasing the combat memorandum, said that these men who were followed by thousands of other Ordnance troops helped supply ammunition and maintain battle equipment, much of it produced in upstate New York plants. 
"The beach was extremely hot," Lieut. Logan declared.  "Shot and shell were breaking everywhere.  There was a lull for a moment and I jumped into the water from the boat and headed for the beach.
"The Germans were 1,000 yards away, and they were shelling all along the beach. We cautiously made our way through mine fields and cut across a swamp where we sank up to our armpits.  I looked back and there was Liberatore (a small man) bobbing along through the weeds which were also well mined.  One of the other men grabbed him and pulled him through until we all reached the beach. 
"Shells and mortar fire were being lobbed all around us, but we managed to get to the top of the hill.  Eight Ordnance Ducks (2-1/2 ton amphibian trucks) loaded with ammunition followed us in.  We immediately set up a field camouflage and began the dual job of servicing the troops and storing the ammunition that was coming in on the beach  As soon as additional Ordnance troops came ashore, a sizeable ammunition dump was established.  By the morning of D-Day plus 1, a good many tons were ready for the troops.  For the first few days of hard fighting the only source of ammunition supply was on the beaches. 
The day after we landed we had recovery vehicles in operation and were pulling up all sorts of vehicles that had been abandoned, hit by enemy shells, or stuck in the water.  Ordnancemen recovered many vehicles under constant shellfire from the enemy and under the most difficult circumstances, were able to put three-fourths of them back into operation.  Combat Ordnancemen worked around the clock to repair damaged howitzer, to keep vehicles rolling, and to pass adequate supplies of ammunition to the Infantry and artillery.
"A 105-mm howitzer was damaged near us.  Ordnancemen went through a hail of fire, repaired the weapon, and had the great satisfaction of putting it back into the fight.
"Still other Ordnance troops were coming ashore and operations were expanded to include the repair of rifles, carbines and other small arms. 
"The beachhead was consolidated.  As the troops moved inland, Ordnance immediately established channels of supply leading from the beaches right up tot he front lines."
Pfc. Victor Holbert Wounded in France
Bainbridge News & Republican, September 14, 1944
Pfc. Victor Holbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Holbert, is confined to a hospital in Italy as the result of injuries received in Southern France.  According to information received, one of his feet were injured.
Myron Carl Member of Combat Team
Bainbridge News & Republican, September 14, 1944
Ready for Action

All American combat team read for action.  Lt. Myron L. Carl (extreme right, back row), bombardier on a B-24 Liberator bomber is shown with the other members of his crew.  Lt. Carl is the son of Isaac L. Carl, Route 1, Afton, and was graduated from Cornell University prior to his entry into the armed forces. 
Robert McElligott Wounded in France
Bainbridge News & Republican, September 21, 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McElligott, of Rockdale [Chenango Co., NY], received notice from the War Department that their son, Robert, was wounded in France. Robert was a radio and wireless operator in the cavalry.  He was graduated from the Sidney High School in 1942 and enlisted in October, 1943.  He went overseas in June of this year.  His parents had not heard from him in two months.  His father is the O.&W. station agent at Guilford [Chenango Cop., NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 21, 1944]
Ruth Fenner Enlists in Army Corps
Bainbridge News & Republican, September 28, 1944
Miss Ruth G. Fenner enlisted in the Women's Army Corps at Binghamton, Sept. 20.  She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Fenner of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY].  A brother, S/Sgt. Charles A. Fenner, is serving with the Army at Fort Monmouth, N .J.  Another brother, Ernest A. Fenner, is a member of the CAP in Sidney.  Ruth attended Syracuse University, Syracuse, for two years.  Miss Fenner enlisted under the Station and Job Assignment program, meaning that she choose her job and station in the Second Service Command (consisting of the states of New York, New Jersey and Delaware) where she wants to first serve after completing basic training.  her choice was Camp Kilmer, N.J., doing chaplain's assistant work.  She will be called to active duty in the near future.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 238, 1944]

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Post Listing, July 21 - 27, 2014

Listing of blog postings for the week of July 21 - 27, 2014

Posted July 21, 2014
Margaret Elizabeth Taft - Dr. Robert Hazlett Clark (1944)
Herbert E. Petley - Josephine Schweitzer (1944)
Alice Effie Smith - Dean Bussman Wheeler (1944)
Marriages Notices - Bainbridge Republican, June 10, 1876
     George Perkins (Norwich) - Mary A. Church (Oxford)
     Jay E. Truesdell (Owestonna, MN) - Fanny C. Arms (East Guilford)
     George W. Connely (Edenburg, PA)_ - Annie H. Willard (Greene)
     Rev. Isaac H. Riddick (Litchfield MN) - Sarah Thompson (Norwich)

Posted July 22, 1944
Sarah Barber (Oxford, 1883)
Charles W. Smith - Ella M. Huntley (1883)
Charles H. Benson - Grace L. Benson (annulment, 1932)

Edna Margaret Krofft - Robert Meehan (1944)
Frances Perrine - Eugene O. Houck (1944)
Marriage Notices, Chenango American, Greene, NY
     Peter Phillips (New Berlin) - Frances Lewis (Norwich) (1860)
     Frederick D. Eldredge - Amanda Burlingame (Norwich, 1860)
     J. Merton Loomis (Norwich) - Eva Gray  (1887)
     Fred N. Nash (Poolville) - Angie N. Owen (Sherburne) (1887)
     M. . Parker (Greene) - Mrs. L. Josephine Gager (1891)
     Frederick Cummings (Smithville) - Mary Blakwith (McDonough) (1891)
     Benjamin L. Crandall (Norwich) - Jennie B. Howard (Greenfield, MA) (1891)

Posted July 23, 1944
Rex H.Roff - Marjorie E. Bishop (1944)
Guyva Bradish - Robert F. Smith (1944)
Marriages in Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY for the year 1902

Posted July 24, 2014
Vera Jean Smith - Joseph W. Hover (1944)
Emily Husted - Dominic Spinelli (1944)
Irene Johnston St. John - Bernard Johnson (1944)
James A. Furgason - Iona Neer (1944)
Ruth Cooney - Donald C. McKown (1944)
John Orwen - Minnie F. Morton (1876)
Marriage Notices - 1876
     Erwin H. Wheeler - Libbie C. Hunt (Coventry, 1876)
     David N. Hunt - Eloise Calkins (Coventry, 1876)
     Seth Bennett (Guilford) - Huldah M. Woods (Coventry, 1876)

Posted July 25, 2014
Louise H. Whitman - Frank S. Weeks (1944)
Louella Mae Weeks - Hugh A. Devine (engagement, 1944)
Velma Marie Jacobson - Arthur James Riggs (1944)
Josephine Strickland - Ivor Bosket (1944)
Mary Herron Fairbanks - William E. Fairbanks (1944)

Posted July 26, 2014
Marian Ruth Springsteen - Charles J. Burr (1944)
Pauline J. Poole - Philip C. Comings (1944)
Emilou Howland - Herman Weissflog (1944)
Barbara Hunt Remsen - George Sherwood Tillman (1944)

Posted July 27, 2014
Ivor Bosket - Josephine Strickland (1944)  (Photo)
Betty Jane McKinzie - John Andrew Parsons, Jr. (1944)
Lila F. Stoddard - Olin Harold Phillips (1944)
Carmella Pompeii - Dominick Delello (1944)
Ida Louise Dibble - Willis Robert Tremper (1944)
Kathleen Cetta - Edward Ray (1944)
Edgar J. Hyatt - Flora E. Davis (1944)
Posted July 21, 2014
Elizabeth Corbin Lewis (Bainbridge, Brooklyn, 1944)
August Frank Kurkowski (Richfield Springs, 1944)
Fay Bacon (Binghamton, 1944)
Frank E. Norton (Sidney, 1944)
William I. Titus (Windsor, 1944)
Edna Slater (Afton, 1944)
Elizabeth Wright (Afton, 1944)
Jennie May Knapp (Sidney, 1944)

Posted July 22, 2014
Walter Joyce (Sidney, 1944)
Martin H. Hanrahan (Susquehanna PA, 1944)
Mary J. (Banner) Ensworth (Scranton PA, Guilford, 1944)
Donald Lucian Leech (Guilford, 1944)
Loris W. Clarke (Syracuse, Guilford, 1944)

Posted July 23, 2014
Wallace Lee Carnell (Bennettsville, Harpursville, 1944)
Lina Freiot Copley (Bainbridge, Albany, 1944)
Mary Boice Huyck (Sidney, 1944)
Adelaide E. Smith (Nineveh, 1944)
Ellen W. Henderson (Loomis, Walton, 1944)
Robert L. Lindsay (Walton, 1944)
Peter B.B. Gould (Unadilla, Walton, 1876)
-?- Whitney (Great Bend, PA, 1876)

Posted July 24, 2014
Edith Blincoe Meek (Bainbridge, 1944)
Ellen Carey Jones (Bennettsville, Afton, 1944)
Clarence E. Stewart (Norwich, 1944)
Herman Haynes (East Guilford, 1944)
Minnie A. Stead (Coventryville, 1944)

Posted July 25, 2014
Cary E. Palmer (Rogers Hollow, 1944)
Arvilla Moroe (Wells Bridge, 1944)
Frank Blincoe (McClure, 1944)
Charles D. Whittemore (Guilford, 1944)
Hiram Gould (Afton, 1876)
Jay Manchester (Pittsfield, 1876)

Posted July 26, 2014
Ellen Lamphere Barber (Unadilla, 1944)
C Berton Niles (Crookerville, 1944)
Jessie Dean Mack (Sidney Center, 1944)
Bertha Scutt Gilbert (Windsor, 1944)
Ruby E. Hammond (Endicott, 1944)

Posted July 27, 2014
Frank J. VanCott (Unadilla, 1944)
Philip S. Whitney (Otego, 1944)
Mrs. Rossman Bush (Union Valley, 1876)
David Bond (Afton, 1876)
Alexina Goodman (Bennettsville, Ava, ID, 1876)
Charles Skinner Bradford (Sidney Plains< 1876)  Civil War Soldier

Posted July 21, 2014
Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce Officers 1971 (Photo)

Poster July 22, 2014
Miscellaneous Items
     Margaret Supplee Graduates from College (1944)
     Marion Beatty to Graduate from Cornell (1944)
     Esther Hollenbeck Graduates (1944)
     Deadly Fire, Hartwick, Otsego Co., NY (1883)
     James Conover Arrested for Theft (1883)
     New Bainbridge Business for Manufacture of Hay Baler (1883)
     Buggy Tips Over at Funeral (1873)

Posted July 23, 2014
BCHS Class of 1938 - Part 3
Soldier News -- continued 1944
     Lt. Terrance Edmunds missing in action
     Anthony Wright a Prisoner
     Downsville Bomber (Anthony Wright) has Narrow Escape
     Roger D. Cable a Prisoner
     Carl Pierson Killed in Action
     Donald Patchen is German Prisoner

Posted July 24, 2014
Soldier News Continued, 1944
     Two Local Soldiers Wounded in France (Earnest Meade, Bastine Caracciolo)
     Lt. Leo Robert Green Missing in Action
     Wendell G. Wrench with Signal Corps in England
     Lt. Jack Beagle Killed in Action
     Sgt. Daniel j. Knapp Killed in France

Posted July 25, 2014
Soldier News Continued, 1944
     Pvt. Floyd Tuckey Jumps into Flaming Oil
     Pfc. Daniel Mahoney Wounded at Anzio
     Pfc. Bucky Caracciolo Receives Purple Heart
     Pfc. William Wagner Killed in France
     Winfred Michel Lands Troops at Saipan
     Pvt. Edson Smith Missing in Action
Posted July 26, 2014
Soldier News Continued, 1944
     Pvt. Alex Kuracina, Jr. Missing in Action
     Sgt. Joseph Brainard Wounded in France
     Pfc. Roswald Sager Missing in Action
     Pvt. Edson H. Smith Killed in Action in France
     Kenneth E. Kinter Promoted to sergeant
     Kermit Howard Lewis Promoted to Captain
     Pvt. Donald Murray Missing in Action
     Helen C. Averell Attending Midshipmen's School

Posted July 27, 2014
Soldier News continued - 1944
     Pfc. Earl A. Terry Missing in Action
     Pfc. George Moran Injured in France
     Meehan Family Casualties
     Maynard Wentworth Killed in Action
     Letter from 1st Lt. Donald Patchen
     Charles Blust Seriously Wounded

Posted July 27, 2014
Miscellaneous Items - 1944
     Mariana Roehlk graduates from Buffalo University
     Charles Lord Arrives Home from Hospital
     Norwich Scintilla Closed
     Charles Goodwin injured by bull (Guilford)
     Mabel Fish in Farm Accident (West Davenport)
     Mt. Upton Baptist Church Dedicated (1876)

Miscellaneous Items

Mariana Roehlk Graduates from Buffalo University
Bainbridge News & Republican, June 15, 1944
Miss Mariana Roehlk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.A. (Fritz) Roehlk, of Lockport, was graduated from the University of Buffalo with the degree of Bachelor of Education in Art May 24 and on June 7 from the Albright Art School, Buffalo.
While in college, Miss Roehlk was active in the French and Glee Clubs.  During her senior year she was elected to the Student Council and was president of Omego Xi Phi Art Sorority and a member of Zeta Tau Epsilon Sorority.  She is also a charter member of the Future Teachers of America and has accepted a teaching position in Gowanda  High School for next year.
Her father, Fritz Roehlk, lived I Bainbridge when a young man.

Charles Lord Home from Hospital
Bainbridge News & Republican, July 6, 1944

Charles Lord, son of Mr. and Mrs. Delavan Lord, of Bainbridge, arrived home from the Re-Construction Home at Ithaca last week where he had been a patient for a number of months.

Norwich Scintilla Closed
Bainbridge News & Republican, July 20, 1944

Norwich [Chenango Co., NY] branch of the Scintilla Magneto Company at Sidney closed July 8 and all equipment and parts will be moved to the central plant of the company at Sidney [Delaware Co., NY].  For a long period the closing of the Norwich branch had been rumored and definite announcement was made last week.  Manager Alvin Newton said that most of the personnel employed will be employed at Sidney.  He stated that 85 our of the 100 employees will go to Sidney.  The Norwich branch located in the Jones block in Fair street, was opened June 1, 1943.

Charles Goodwin Injured by Bull
]Bainbridge News & Republican, July 27, 1944

Charlie Goodwin had the misfortune to be attacked very early Tuesday morning by the large show bull owned by Goodwin Bros. [Guilford, Chenango Co., NY]  He was alone in the pasture at the time, others in the family having not arisen as yet, when the animal turned on him.  It was only when he got a hold on him by grasping the ring in his nose, that he managed to get near a tree and climb into it.  Finally the animal wandered away.  Mr. Goodwin received cuts and bruises around his body and face, broken teeth and badly cut lips.  Dr. A.H. Evans was called and found no broken bones or internal injuries.  He was indeed lucky that he came out of the accident as well as he did.  This is the first time any of their Brown Swiss bulls have ever given any trouble.

Mabel Fish Rolled by Rake When Horses Run Away
Bainbridge News & Republican, August 10, 1944

Miss Mabel Fish, who resides on a farm with her mother about one-half mile from West Davenport, escaped serious injury on Tuesday.  While raking hay the team apparently became frightened by bees and ran away.  Miss Fish was thrown under the rake and was rolled for some distance, but in some manner was released from the teeth.  The team ran on finally colliding with the corner of the house when both horses were thrown.  The tongue of the rake was broken in many pieces and one horse received a small cut.  Otherwise no damage was done.  Miss Fish was severely bruised, one arm and shoulder injured and one side of her face and neck received severe bruises.  However, she was able to help extricate the animals which ended their wild dash some little distance from her. 

Mt. Upton Baptist Church Dedicated
Bainbridge Republican, January 22, 1876

Mt. Upton [Chenango Co., NY]:  The dedication of the new Baptist church at Mt. Upton took place January 13th, and the debt, over three thousand dollars, was provided for.  Rev Mr. Haynes of Norwich preached an excellent dedicatory sermon, and managed the financial part admirably.  It was a great triumph that the beautiful temple was at length dedicated free from debt.  Rev. Mr. Chamberlain of New Berlin preached in the evening.  Sixty years ago he preached in the Episcopal church of Mt. Upton, which was then a Baptist church. That generation has passed away, and the Reverend speaker was almost the only representative of hose days. He, in a greene old age, preaches the same glorious gospel to which men listened more than half a century ago.


Marriages (July 27)

Local Sailor and His Bride
Ivor Bosket, Ph.M. 2/C and Mrs. Bosket
Miss Josephine Strickland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Strickland, of Vallejo, Calif., was married here to Ivor Bosket, Ph.M. 2/C, U.S.N.R., son of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Bosket, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], July 30. [Bainbridge News & Republican, August 24, 1944]
Mr. and Mrs. Earl McKinzie, of Tacoma, Wash., announce the marriage of their daughter, Betty Jane, to Pvt. John Andrew Parsons, Jr., U.S. Army, son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Parsons, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], on April 27, at the McChord Field Chapel, Wash.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, August 24, 1944]
Phillips - Stoddard:  A very quiet wedding was performed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Couse by the Rev. Harold Hammer, of Masonville, Friday evening, Aug. 18, at 8 o'clock, when their daughter, Lila F. Stoddard, became the bride of Olin Harold Phillips, of Guilford [Chenango Co., NY].  The couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Cooley, of Mt. Upton.  Mrs. Cooley is a cousin of the bride and Mr. Cooley has been a life-long friend of the groom. The bride wore a rust colored dress, with a light aqua flannel jacket and a corsage of Talisman roses.  She also wore gold earrings set with cultured pearls and rhinestones, a gift from the groom.  The matron of honor, wore a navy blue dress, with a corsage of pink roses.  The bride's gift to the groom was a wrist watch.  The bridal party enjoyed a steak supper at the Green Garden, Sidney, after which the bride and groom left for a five-day trip to Niagara Falls, stopping at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hatton, a former employee of the groom, and both Guilford residents, but now a bus driver for the I.R.C.  Mr. Phillips is a successful dairy farmer of Guilford.  Mrs. Philips has been employed at the Scintilla Magneto Plant.  Mr. Phillips is the son of Mrs. Lela E. Phillips, of Willow street, Sidney [Delaware Co., NY], and a very popular young man with the young people.  Only members of the family of the bride and groom were present at the ceremony.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 24, 1944]
A very beautiful wedding was solemnized last Saturday morning at 9 o'clock in St. Mary's Church, Binghamton, when Miss Carmella Rita Pompeil, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Pompeii, of Binghamton, became the bride of Dominick Delello, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Delello, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY].  The double ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. Pilleeri, pastor of the church.  A profusion of roses and gladioli formed the decoration.  The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a gown of white net over taffeta made with a sweetheart neckline and a full skirt terminating in a circular train.  Her finger tip veil was attached to a cap, and she carried a bouquet of white roses.  Mrs. Harold Delello, of Afton, was matron if Honor, and the Misses Rose and Toni Pompeii, sisters of the bride, were bridesmaids.  Harold Delello, of Afton, acted as best man, and the ushers were John Caracciolo, of Binghamton; and Bastine Delello, of Bainbridge, brother of the bridegroom.  The ring bearer was Master John Zuccarelli, nephew of the bridegroom, who presented the rings on a white satin pillow.  The bride's mother was attired in blue with an orange colored corsage, while the bridegroom's mother wore light blue and white with an orange corsage.  A bridal luncheon was held at 1 o'clock at Milasi's CafĂ© for about 150 relatives and friends, followed by a reception at  7 o'clock at the Sons of Italy Hall. [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 3, 1944]
Tremper - Dibble:  The home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dibble, Shavertown [Delaware Co., NY], was the scene of a very pretty wedding Saturday afternoon, Aug. 26, when their daughter, Ida Louise, became the bride of Willis Robert Tremper, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tremper, of Shavertown.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 7, 1944]
Ray - Cetta:  Miss Kathleen Cetta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cetta, and Edward Ray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ray, all of Walton [Delaware Co., NY], were united in marriage by the Rev. John Taffe, Sunday, Aug. 27, in St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 7, 1944]
Hyatt - Davis:  Edgar J. Hyatt, of Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], and Flora E. Davis, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], were united in marriage by Justice of the Peace T.A. McMahon, Susquehanna, Thursday evening, Aug. 24.  The couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wheat, of Sidney Center.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 7, 1944]