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Posted February 8, 2016
Anna Tansey - Daniel Elliott (1908)
Emma Adelaide Hamilton - Charles Hart (1907)
Marriage notices - 1872
     Jonas Toombs - Adelaide F. Benedict
     William Andrews - Jane Dye
     Charles M. Potter - Anna House
     Samuel P. Morse - Charlotte C. Dudley
     Orlando Fish - Ida Dopp

Posted February 8, 2016
Joseph A Barbary (Norwich, 1908)
Lizzie A. Phetteplace (Norwich, 1947)
Bessie (Johnson) Latham (Norwich, 1947
Death Notices
     James N. Pendleton (Oxford, 1872)
     George Tilyou (North Norwich, 1872)
     Lorenzo W. Brown (Preston, 1872)
     Albert J. Maxson (Preston, 1872)
     Addy Benson (Otselic, 1872)
     Dimmis Thompson (New Berlin, 1872)
     Job H. Knickerbocker (Coventry, 1872)
     Mr. E.G. Waters (Guilford, 1872)
     Ellen Nash (Guilford, 1872)
     William House (Preston, Bainbridge, 1872)
     Minnie E. Atwater (Greene, 1872)
     John Pierce (Bainbridge, 1872)
     Alexander Tucker (Bainbridge, 1872)
     Charles S. Hyatt (Afton, 1872)
     Lucilla A. (Fairchild) Davis (Marquette WI, Bainbridge, 1872)
     Catherine Bolles Bradley (Guilford, 1884)
     Solomon Titus (North Norwich, 1884)
     Isaiah Lewis (Syracuse, Pharsalia, 1884)
     Charles D. Orton (Lisle, Greene, 1884)
     Elisha Sprague (Winfield, Smyrna, 1884)

Posted February 9, 2016
Nettie Titus (King's Settlement, 1908)
Charles Cumber (Coventryville, 1911)
Samuel Craig (Doraville, 1928)
Olive Craig (Bainbridge, 1897)
Frank G. Bolles (Sidney, Unadilla, 1897)
Death Notices - 1853
     Charles L. Thompson (Fort Wayne, IN, Norwich)
     Catharine Reynolds Ballard (Cortland)
     Sally Cook (Norwich)
     Martin A. Gregory (Mt. Upton)
     Mary Ann Gregory (Mt. Upton)
     Chana Prindle (Mt. Upton)
     Jane Hayes (Smithville Flats)

Posted February 10, 2016
Joseph Quinn (Norwich, Oneonta, 1908)
Clarence Newcomb (Norwich, 1892)
Capt. Nelson W Schemerhorn (1910

Posted February 11, 2016
Alonzo M. Walworth (Smithville, Greene, 1908)
Phebe Loomis (West Bainbridge, 1875)
Philander Loomis, Sr. (West Bainbridge, 1882)
Philander Loomis (Bainbridge, 1914)
Horace E. Allen (Binghamton, 1891)

Posted February 12, 2016
Julia Sullivan (Sherburne, Preston, 1908)
Martin L. Symonds (Oxford, 1867)
Harry Wakeley Bagg (New Berlin, 1948)
August Johnson (Edmeston, 1947)
Cecilia A. Cox (Oxford, 1908
Death Notices
     Joseph Loomis (Bainbridge, 1864) Civil War soldier
     Frank M. Skillman (Smithville, 1864)  Civil War soldier
     Jenete Warner (New Berlin, 1864)
     Charlie Ray Farnsworth (Afton, 1864)
     Lorson D Merrill (Oxford, 1864) Civil War soldier
     Cyrus Strong (Binghamton, Norwich, 1866)
     Gad Wells (Delhi MI, Norwich, 1866)
     Miss A.E. Treadway (Bainbridge, 1866)
     Maryette Willcox (Oxford, 1866)
     Anna L. Ward (McDonough, 1866)
     Pharsalia Scott (Smithville, 1866)
     John W. Reynolds (Smyrna, 1866)
    Ann Tobin Atherton (Owego, 1866)
     William Coats (South Boston, MI, Pharsalia, 1866)

Posted February 13, 2016
Susan A. (Riddell) Marion (Norwich, 1908)
Joseph Slater Tracy (Preston, 1907)
Leander Holdridge (Norwich, 1907)
A.R. Gladwin (Sherburne, 1907)
Henry L. White (Guilford, 1907)
Death Notices - 1870
     John R. Gleason (Oxford)
     Russell Willoughby (Oxford)
     Sarah Miller (South Oxford)
     Francis Flanaghen (Greene)
     Lucie E. Skillen (Greene)
     Harvey P. Judd (Coventry)
     Electa Porter (Lawrence KN, Norwich)
     John Tyler (Waukesha WI, South New Berlin)

Posted February 14, 2016
Arvin Charles Walworth (Norwich, 1909)
Lizzie E. Crandall (Norwich, 1907)
Melissa R. Tucker (Norwich, 1907)
Catherine Normile (Norwich, 1907)
Mary Lillian Breed (Norwich, 1907)
Jennie B. Benjamin (Prestin, 1907)
William Browning (Plymouth, 1907)

Posted February 8, 2016
Early History of Norwich, Chenango Co., NY - Part 3

Posted February 9, 2016
Early History of Norwich, Chenango Co., NY - Part 4

Posted February 11, 2016
Bainbridge Central High School, Class of 1956 - Part 7

Posted February 13, 2016
Early History of Norwich, Chenango Co., NY - Part 5

Posted February 14, 2016
George Cook Celebrates 91st Birthday - 1907

George Cook's 91st Birthday

George Cook's 91st Birthday
Chenango Union, February 26, 1907
George Cook, the oldest resident of Greene [Chenango Co., NY], celebrated his ninety-third birthday on Sunday.  Mr Cook is the son of Caleb Cook, who was a brother to Abiah Cook, one of Norwich's  oldest and best known lawyers, who practiced law in Norwich and vicinity between the years 1775 and 1795.
One member of this old and well known family was the mother of Mr. Cook, Emily Brooks, whose father, Levi Brooks, was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and whose brother was the well known "Old Doctor Pettiah Brooks"  of Binghamton. Mr. Cook was born in the town of Plymouth [Chenango Co., NY] February 24, 1914, and is probably the eldest man in Greene, if not in Chenango county. When seven years of age his parents moved to Coventry, and when he was fourteen to the town of Lisle, Broome county, where he spent most of his life until about fourteen years ago when he came to live with his son in Greene.
Mr. Cook's occupation at the present time is gardening in which he is much interested, having the reputation of being one of the best in town. Already Mr. Cook's plans are laid for a larger and more productive garden next year. The first time the writer met him was when Mr. Cook was in his ninety-second year.  He was spading up a corner early in the spring.  He was hale, happy and a good story teller.The day that this article was written the writer found Mr. Cook well preserved in mind and body.  His good nature and activity has kept him youthful.

Obituaries (February 14)

Arvin Charles Walworth
Utica Saturday Globe, January 1909
Arvin Charles Walworth
 1921 - 1908
Norwich [Chenango Co., NY]:  A. Charles Walworth, who died at his home south of the village, on the Oxford road, on Tuesday of last week [December 29, 1908] noted for its longevity.  One brother, Alonzo, died at Smithville early in December, having passed his 91st milestone.  He is survived by his  early in December, having passed his 91st milestone.  He is survived by his brother, Hiram D. Walworth, of Oxford, and a sister, Mrs. Eunce Franklin, of Norwich, both in their 80s.  Mr. Walworth was born in the town of Preston, the son of Charles Walworth and Eunice Hicks Walworth, on the 14th day of July, 1821. The day previous to his death he was seized with an apoplectic stroke, form which, by reason of his advanced age, he had not the strength to rally.  On February 28, 1856, Mr Walworth was united in marriage to Jane R. Kelsey of Preston. Their long and happy union was broken by her death in October, 1889.  One daughter, Hattie Walworth, survives and in the hour of her deep sorrow she has the sincere sympathy of community and friends.  In May 1856 Mr. Walworth was baptized into the Baptist Church at Preston.  He freely contributed to its support and continued his membership there until the church was disbanded.  He later worshiped with the Norwich church.  He resided all of his long life in the town of Preston and Norwich excepting a few years in early manhood which he spent in the western part of the State.  He settled permanently in this town in 1866, and in the more than two score years that he lived here he was recognized as an honest, upright and industries resident, one of our best and most practical farmers, who typified in his life that sturdy manhood which is the honor and glory of our America nation.  His funeral was attended from his late residence on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev Dr. Benton officiating.  Interment was made in Mount Hope [Norwich, NY].
Lizzie E. Crandall
Chenango Union, February 26, 1907
Mrs. Lizzie E., wife of Harry L. Crandall, died at her home on Pleasant street [Norwich, Chenango Co., NY] on Friday, February 22, aged 19 years.  Funeral services were held on Tuesday, Rev. Wilson Treible officiating. Burial at Mt. Hope [Norwich, NY].
Melissa R. (Cahoon) Tucker
Chenango Union, February 26, 1907
Mrs. Melissa R. Tucker, died very suddenly at her home on Mitchel street [Norwich, Chenango Co., nY] Wednesday morning.  The family on the lower floor of her home heard water running for a long time and upon investigating found Mrs. Tucker leaning over the kitchen sink in a partially unconscious condition. A physician was called but Mrs. Tucker died before his arrival.
Catherine Normile
Chenango Union, February 26, 1907
Mrs. Catherine Normille, widow of the late John Normille, died at her residence on Silver and Mechanic street [Norwich, Chenango Co., NY] last week Thursday.  Funeral services were held Saturday from St. Paul's church, Rev. John Hart officiating.
James T. Hutchins
Chenango Union, February 26, 1907
James T. Hutchins, aged 73 years, a former resident of Norwich [Chenango Co., NY], died at the home of his daughter in Brooklyn, on Friday, February 22.  Funeral services were held from the residence of his son, Charles R.  Hutchins, Front street, on Sunday February 25.  [Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Norwich, NY]
Mary Lillian Breed
Chenango Union, February 26, 1907
Mary Lillian, the five year old daughter of Mott and Addie Breed, died at the home of her parents February 25.  Funeral services were held on Wednesday, Rev. Ira W. Bingham officiating.  [Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Norwich, Chenango Co., NY]
Jennie B. Benjamin
Chenango Union, February 26, 1907
Preston [Chenango Co., NY]:  Mrs. Willard O. Benjamin, died at the hospital in Utica [Oneida Co., NY] on Friday, February 22.  Funeral services were held from her late home on Tuesday. She is survived by her husband and one son, nine years of age.  [Buried Riverview Cemetery, Oxford, Chenango Co., NY]
William Browning
Chenango Union, February 26, 1907
William Browning, one of the oldest residents of Plymouth [Chenango Co., NY], died February 20, aged 91 years.  he was a native of Rhode Island his parents removing to Smyrna in 1824.  He has been a resident of thus town for nearly seventy years.  his wife, Amy L. Sholes, to whom he was married in 1840, died a little more than a year ago.  He is survived by  two daughters, Mrs. Ellen Wedge, of Smyrna, Mrs. Henry Clark, of West Vienna, and three sons, Charles W. and William H. Browning, of this place and John O. Browning, of Norwich.

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Norwich NY Early History - Part 5

Early History of  Norwich
Chenango County, New York
Chenango Union, January 31, 1907
Alexander McCulloch, a revolutionary soldier settled on a farm south-west of the village in 1796.  He had three children all of whom moved west.  In that same year Judge Stephen Steere, Capt. Edward Green and Jedediah Sprague came from Rhode Island and purchased the southeastern quarter of the township, where they located near White Store.  Judge Steere soon after moved into the village and purchased 56 acres of the Silas Cole farm and 70 acres of land of John Harris.  His property lay on both sides of East Main st. and his first home stood near the present residence of the Misses Cook.  Many of us remember when Maydole Grove was called Steere's Grove and recall his granddaughters, Betsey Steere and Julia Steere. East Side park was a gift from his son, Stephen Steere.
Settlements were made at an early date by John and Daniel Shattock who first resided in the village but about 1800 John and his son David took up a hundred acres south of village where John's great grandson, John Samuel Shattuck, now resides.  Thomas Wood and Amos Bowers settled in the extreme east of the township.  Joshua Burlingame took up land east of village across the river, still known as the Burlingame farm.  Uriah Avery came from New York and was the first saddle and harness maker.  His house stood on South Broad st. where Mrs. Crumb's residence now stands and was occupied until a few years ago by his granddaughter, Miss Cary.
In 1798 several families named Aldrich, Henry and Phillips came together from Rhode Island and settled in northwest part of township.
About 1800 settlements were made by John Randall, Nathan Pendelton and Caspar M. Rouse.  John Randall bought the farm owned by Avery Power, the first settler.  He came from Stonington, Conn. where he was born in 1754.  He married in his native town Mary, the daughter of John Swan.  They first located in Pharsalia but came to Norwich in 1800.  He had thirteen children and over sixty grand children.  His brother, Jedediah Randall, afterwards came to Norwich and bought the southern part of the Cole farm, including the house where he lived.  Elder Randall, as he was called organized the Baptist church of Norwich in the "ball room" of this house in 1814, and for a few years services were held in this room.
Nathan Pendelton took land about three miles south of the village and Caspar M. Rouse settled on the site of the present cemetery.  Mr. Rouse wished to build a house with dining room and kitchen in the basement.  When excavations were begun for the cellar, it was found that the locality had been used as a burial ground at some preceding period. Skeletons were found in an upright position and in such numbers as to deter Mr. Rouse from the enterprise, for the time at least.
About this time too, came Peter B. Garnsey, a native of Columbia county, who -?- in Oxford.  He had been newly admitted to the bar.  His wife was Mary Spiers, daughter of Dr. Spiers of New Lebanon.  He purchased of Elisha Smith the old Col. Munroe place, with mill and other property added by Deacon Smith.  He donated the ground on which the court house and jail now stand and the West Side park and moved the house to its present location in 1807, as has been said.
Mr. Clark says "Perhaps no citizen was so closely identified in his lifetime with the early growth and prosperity of Norwich village as Peter B. Guernsey.  The characteristics of Mr. Guernsey's mind were strong, natural sense, untiring perseverance.  He was one of the early settlers who literally died in harness."
To be Continued

Obituaries (February 13)

Susan A. (Riddell) Marion
Utica Saturday Globe, December 1908
Susan A. (Riddell) Marion
1831 - 1908

Norwich [Chenango Co., NY]:  On Saturday morning, at her home on Hayes street, Mrs. Susan A. Marion, widow of Henry P. Marion, passed away after a short period of suffering from pneumonia.  Mrs. Marion was in the latter months of her 78th year, having been born in Preston [Chenango Co., NY] on March 31, 1931, the daughter of Lephe Gates and John Riddell.  On March 4, 1852, she became the wife of Henry P. Marion, who passed away a few years ago.  For four years after their marriage they made their home in Connecticut, after which they took up their residence in Preston.  Forty-five years ago they came to Norwich and Mr. Marion founded the meat market on South Broad street, which still bears his name.  Mrs. Marion, who came from a highly educated Scotch family, and was the last of a remarkable family of 10 children, had always been a home loving woman, devoted to her family and an active worker in the Methodist church  In her younger years she was one of Norwich's most prominent women and leaves a large circle of friends to mourn her loss.  One son, H.R. Marion, died 17 years ago, and a daughter, Louise M. Marion, passed away about two years ago.  A daughter, Mrs.  Hattie M. Dibble and a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Jessie A. Marion survive.  Funeral services were held at the residence Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. H.L Ellsworth, pastor of the Broad street M.E. Church officiating. There was singing by a male quartet, composed of David Johns, Daniel Blackman, William Johnson and Lewis H Burnside. The bearers were S.E. Johns, A.E. Race, Nes Peterson and James Van Vleet. The floral pieces were very profuse and beautiful.

Joseph Slater Tracy
Chenango Union, February 21, 1907
Joseph S. Tracy, who has been a resident of this section for many years, died at his home in the town of Preston [Chenango Co., NY], Sunday, February 17, aged 76 years.  He lived on the Lowe road to Preston, just west of the Ravine road.  [1830 - 1907, son of John and Lois (Stafford) Tracy, buried in Foster Cemetery, Norwich, NY, memorial #66431070]

Leander Holdridge
Chenango Union, February 21, 1907
Leander Holdridge, one of the oldest residents of the town of Norwich [Chenango Co., NY], died at his home at East Norwich on Saturday, February 16, aged 95 years.  Funeral services were held on Tuesday, Rev W.D. Benton officiating.  Mr. Holdridge was remarkably well informed on local and general history and was a great reader.  he was an enthusiastic Democrat and never permitted anything but the positive orders of his physician to keep him from the polls on election day. [1811 - 1907, Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Norwich, NY]

Albert R. Gladwin
Chenango Union, February 21, 1907
A.R. Gladwin, of Sherburne [Chenango Co., NY], died at Miami, Florida, on Sunday.  The remains will be brought to Sherburne and funeral services held on Friday from Christ church.  Mr Gladwin has been for years a prominent citizen of Sherburne.  He served his town as Supervisor for several years and was active in the interests of the town.  Since the death of his wife, about fourteen years ago, he has not been in robust health and has spent his winters in Florida.  He was a keen sportsman and his letters from Florida, describing some of his fishing expeditions there, have been extremely interesting.  He was more than 80 years of age.  [Jan. 15, 1827 - Feb. 17, 1907, buried Christ Church Cemetery, Sherburne, NY, memorial #92819052]

Henry L. White
Chenango Union, February 21, 1907
Henry L. White, an old resident of the town of Guilford [Chenango Co., NY] died Wednesday, February 6, after an illness of but a few days.  He was born February 1, 1834, and was married to Miss Victoria Sheldon, February I. 1860, who survives him, as do three children, Erwin White, of Guilford; Everett White, of Franklin; and Mrs. Florence Gibbs, of Norwich.  Four children died in infancy. Mr. White took much interest in Political affairs, being assessor for twenty-one years, and holding the office of Railroad Commissioner at the time of his death. The funeral was held from the home Saturday at one o'clock and burial was in the cemetery near the home.  [Buried North Guilford Cemetery]

Death Notices
Chenango Union, January 5, 1870

GLEASON:  In Oxford [Chenango Co., NY], Dec. 23d, Mr. John R. Gleason, aged 55 years.

WILLOUGHBY:  In Oxford [Chenango Co., NY], Dec. 23d, Mr. Russell Willoughby, aged 65 years.

MILLER:  In South Oxford [Chenango Co., NY], Dec. 8th, Miss Sarah Miller, aged 18 years, daughter of James, Miller, of Woodhull, Steuben Co.

FLANAGHEN:  In Greene [Chenango Co., NY], Dec. 26th, Francis, son of Barney Flanaghen, aged 2 years.

SKILLEN:  In Greene [Chenango Co., NY], Dec. 25th, Lucie E., daughter of Hugh Skillen, Jr., aged 9 months, 9 days.

JUDD:  In Coventry [Chenango Co., NY], Dec. 27th, Mr. Harvey P. Judd, aged 64 years and 6 months.

PORTER:  In Lawrence, Kansas, recently, Electa, wife of B.B. Porter, formerly of this village [Norwich, Chenango Co., NY].

TYLER:  In Waukesha, Wis., Dec. 18th, Mr. John Tyler, formerly of South New Berlin [Chenango Co., NY]

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Obituaires (February 12)

Julia Sullivan
Utica Saturday Globe, December 1908
Julia Sullivan
1821 - 1908

Norwich [Chenango Co., NY]:  At the home of her son, Michael, in Preston [Chenango Co. NY], on Friday of last week, occurred the death of Mrs. Julia Sullivan, a long-time and respected resident of this vicinity.  Mrs. Sullivan was 87 years of age and had been in fairly good health until the Monday before her death when she suffered a stroke.  Deceased was born in Cork, Ireland, and came with her husband, William Sullivan to Sherburne about the year 1850.  Later for some 20 years the family resided on the King Settlement road north of this village.  Mr. Sullivan who was an employee of the D.L.&W. Railroad, was killed on that road near Wood's Corners on June 9, 1874.  For the past 20 years Mrs. Sullivan had made her home with her son, Michael, in Preston.  She was a kindhearted woman, charitable and considerate in all of her acts and leaves a wide circle of friends to mourn her demise.  She is survived by six sons, John, of Norwich; Timothy, of Smyrna; William, Michael and Edward, of Preston, and Frank, of King Settlement, and by one daughter, Ellen Sullivan, a graduate nurse in Philadelphia.  Two sons, Jeremiah and Edwin, have passed away.  Among the survivors are 11 grandchildren.  Funeral services were held from St. Paul's Church Wednesday morning, Rev. Father Pendergast officiating. Burial was made in Sherburne [Chenango Co., NY].

Martin L. Symonds
Oxford Times, June 26, 1867
In South Oxford [Chenango Co., NY] on the 5th inst., Mr. Martin L., son of George and Sara A. Symonds, aged 21 years, eight months.  The deceased has been a long sufferer from general debility which finally terminated in disease of the brain.  The report that the deceased died of Hydrophobia is erroneous and without foundation and deserves correction.     G.S.

Harry Wakeley Bagg
1877 - 1948
New Berlin [Chenango Co., NY]  Services for Harry Wakeley Bagg, 71, will be held Sunday at 2 o'clock from the Dakin Funeral Home here.  Rev. Kenneth Sutffin will officiate.  Burial will be made in the family plot in Fairview cemetery.  Mr. Bagg died Thursday, November 4 [1948] at his home at New Berlin Center.  He had been ill for a year and a half.  He was born March 30, 1877 at Mt. Upton [Chenango Co., NY] where his early days were passed.  He attended the schools in that village.  He was the son of Jerry and Amanda (Fuller) Bagg.  His first marriage was to Jessie D Bagg, September 2, 1902.  She died December 4, 1936.  On August 10, 1938 he was united in marriage with Emma Sickler of Norwich.  She survives as do six children:  Mrs. Ruth Whitmore and Mrs. Marjorie Phelps of New Berlin; Mrs. Harriet Anderson of Coolidge, Arizona; Rupert Bagg of South Edmeston and Hawley Bagg of Edmeston; also a step-daughter, Viola Sickler of Norwich.  Nine grandchildren who  survive as do two sisters, Miss Mame Bagg of Saratoga Springs and Mrs. Winifred Lester of Johnson City, also 10 nieces and nephews.  Mr. Bagg was a member of the Presbyterian church. For a period of six years prior to his illness he was employed in the foundry at the plant of the Bennett-Ireland Corp.  He was stricken ill March 31, 1947.  He was the builder of the Bagg golf course which over a period of years has been a popular resort area for many residents.  While the Bagg homestead was his residence, the gold course has of recent years been operated and managed by his son Hawley.  A wide circle of friends throughout this area mourn the passing of Mr. Bagg who was held in high regard and affection by a wide circle of neighbors and other friends.

August Johnson
1867 - 1947
August Johnson, well known and highly respected resident of Edmeston [Otsego Co., NY] passed away at the Chenango Memorial Hospital May 6.  He suffered a fractured hip about a month ago and had been in failing health since that time.  Mr. Johnson was a retired farmer and had resided in the village of Edmeston for the past 26 years.  He was born in Halmstead, Sweden, September 3, 1867.  He came to this country when but a young man and in 1891 married Emily Anderson who survives  Mr. Johnson also leaves three daughters, Mrs. Charles Riley, Mrs. Ralph Crawford and Mrs. Sumner Benington, all of Norwich; one sister, Mrs. Axel Nelson and one brother, Andrew Johnson, both of New Berlin.  Two grandchildren and several nieces and nephews also survive.  Funeral services were held at the late home in Edmeston Monday, Rev. R. Austin officiating.  Serving as bearers were Hugh Lingee, Charles Bowers, Fredrick Anderson and Louis Anderson.  Floral tributes were many and testified to the high esteem held for the departed by his many friends and neighbors.

Cecilia A. Cox
Utica Saturday Globe, December 1908
Cecilia A. Cox
1871 - 1908

Oxford [Chenango Co., NY]:  The Soldiers' Home and surrounding vicinity are saddened by the recent death of Miss Cecilia A. Cox, the head laundress of the home, and in point of service one of the oldest of the employees.  Miss Cox was born in Florence, Oneida county, 37 years ago, and had been for many years in State service at Matteawan and later in the woman's prison at Auburn. She came from the latter place to the home to open and take charge of the laundry during Mrs. Putnam's administration and held the position of head laundress till her death, having served there eight years.  her genial, friendly disposition endeared her to the members of the home and her many friends will miss her kindly words and cheerful face.

Death Notices
Oxford Times, November 2, 1864
In Camp Hill Hospital, Harper's Ferry, Sept. 22, of typhoid fever, Joseph Loomis, a member of Co. B, 7th New York Artillery, formerly of West Bainbridge [Chenango co., NY], aged 25 years.

In Hospital, at Winchester, Va., from wounds received in the battle at the above place, Frank M. Skillman, of Co. E, 114th Reg., son of Joseph Skillman of Smithville [Chenango Co., NY, aged 23 years.

In new Berlin [Chenango Co., NY] on the 17th ult.  Jenete, wife of George Warner, aged 21 years.

In Afton [Chenango Co., NY, Oct. 24th, of diphtheria, Charlie Ray [Farnsworth], youngest son of Jonathan and Lydia Farnsworth, aged 4 years.

Killed on the 19th Sept. near Winchester, Lorson D. Merrill, of Co. A, 114th Reg., aged 31 years and 9 months.

Chenango Union, January 17, 1866

In Binghamton [Broome Co., NY], Jan. 5th, 1866, Cyrus Strong, formerly of Norwich, in the 89th year of his age.

In Delhi, Mich., Dec. 21st, Mr. Gad Wells, formerly of Norwich [Chenango Co., NY], aged about 79 years.

In Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], Dec. 29th, Miss A.E. Treadway, aged 24 years.

In South Oxford [Chenango Co., NY], Jan. 4th, Maryette [Willcox], daughter of Albert S. and Lorinda Willcox, aged 5 years.

In McDonough [Chenango Co., NY] Jan. 5th, Miss Anna L. Ward, aged 19 years.

In Smithville [Chenango Co., NY] Jan. 2d, Mrs. Pharsalia Scott, aged 43 years.

In Smyrna [Chenango Co., NY], Jan. 2d, Mr. John W. Reynolds, aged 40 years.

In Owego [Tioga Co., NY], Jan. 7th, Mrs. Ann Tobin [Atherton], wife of Chas. Atherton, formerly of Greene, aged 38 years.

In South Boston, Ionia Co., Mich., Dec. 27th, from the falling of a limb.  Mr. William Coats, formerly of Pharsalia [Chenango Co., NY], aged 50 years.

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Bainbridge Central School, Class of 1956 - Part 7

Bainbridge Central High School - Class of 1956
Senior Portraits
"Echo" 1956
Carol Elaine Russell

Anneliese Margarethe Schneider

Ralph Louis Shearer

Jo Ellen Shields

Edwin Arthur Simmons

Bertha Minerva Stevens

Obituaries (February 11)

Alonzo M. Walworth
Utica Saturday Globe, December 1908

 Alonzo M. Walworth
1817 - 1908

Norwich [Chenango Co., NY]:  Alonzo M. Walworth died at the home of his son, H.A Walworth, in Smithville Center [Chenango Co., NY], last Sunday, aged 91.  November 30 Mr. Walworth left his home to visit his son and on the same day was taken ill.  Deceased was born in the town of Preston [Chenango Co., NY] October 8, 1817, and for a number of years of his long life was a resident of Norwich.  Thirty-nine years ago last spring he moved to Smithville and had ever since resided there.  His first wife was Ellen Van Patten, of Cayuga county, who died in 1848.  One surviving son, Walter c. Walworth, of Norwich, was born of this union.  In 1850 he married Harriet Terry of Norwich, who died in 1884.  Of four children born to them three survive, H.A. Walworth and Ella Walworth, of Smithville, and Mrs. Joel Dorman, of Norwich.  He is also survived by one sister, Mrs. Eunice Franklin, of Norwich, and by two brothers, Charles Walworth, of Norwich, and Hiram Walworth, of Oxford.  He leaves four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  In politics Mr. Walworth was a staunch Republican, having never missed a town meeting or other election since he became a voter.  He had held the offices of assessor, justice of the peace and town clerk.  He was a member of the Baptist Church at Greene.  Funeral services were held from the home of his son Wednesday noon.

Phebe Loomis
Bainbridge Republican, November 13, 1875
The funeral services of Mrs. Phebe Loomis, wife of Philander Loomis, Sr., took place at the Baptist church, West Bainbridge on Sunday last, Rev D.C. Haynes officiating.  The attendance was very large and a solemn feeling pervaded it.  Mrs.Loomis was one of our oldest residents and had been a life long member of the Baptist church at Yaleville and West Bainbridge; and had maintained a good Christian character.  She leaves a sorrowing husband and family, and the church lament her departure from among them, though she had lived the full age of man - three score years and ten.

Philander Loomis, Sr.
Bainbridge Republican, June 9, 1882
On Monday last, June 5th, Philander Loomis, Sr., one of the oldest residents of this county, passed quietly away at the residence of his son, Alonzo Loomis, in West Bainbridge.  Mr. Loomis was born in 1799, and was, therefore, 88 years old at the time of his death. The most of his life was passed in the locality of West Bainbridge, and he had, by hard work and frugal habits acquired a handsome competence.  He was married only a few months ago to his second wife, as estimable lady of that place, who survives him and mourns the loss of a kind and thoughtful husband.  The funeral services were held on Tuesday, and the interment made in the West Bainbridge cemetery.  One by one our old settlers are dropping from our midst, and the time is not far distant when our brave and hardy pioneers will all have left us.

Philander Loomis
Bainbridge Republican, July 30, 1914
Death's shafts are flying thick these days in our community.  Youth and age alike are passing to that "bourn from which no traveler ere returns."  To youth death seems an intruder, but to the aged pilgrim it is felt often as an angel of mercy and a welcome visitor.  Friday July 24, 1914, one of our much esteemed citizens at the ripe age of eighty-four years passed peacefully to his eternal rest.  Philander Loomis was born in Union Valley [Chenango Co., NY] Nov. 21, 1830 and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Philander Loomis, early settlers in the above place.  In the year 1851, he was united in marriage to Miss Eleanor J. Barber.  One child was born to this union, Ellen M. Loomis who became the wife of Charles G. Norton, postmaster.  In the year 1908, Sept. 6th after a severe illness, death claimed this esteemed woman and only daughter.  The deceased friend spent the most of his long and eventful life in Union Valley.  Here for years he was identified with the religious, social, and business life of the community.  In the Methodist Episcopal church he was one of the faithful officials and chorister.  In business he was interested in and successfully operated the old feed mill and grocery store.  His genial manner, generous heart and his Christian manliness made him popular in a social way.  In the year 1900 he moved to Bainbridge and, lived with his son-in-law, Chas. G. Norton. The past fourteen years he and his companion have enjoyed together a well earned rest and freedom from the more strenuous labor and details of active life.  Last March he met with a sad and painful misfortune, he fell from the porch steps and broke his arm. This was a tremendous shock to the aged man and in all probability was the beginning of his physical break down that resulted in his death.  Mr. Loomis was regarded by all who knew him as a fine Christian gentleman.  As a husband he was kind, faithful and a lover to the last and received from the devoted wife the kindly and loving ministries he needed until death parted them, ministries which he felt no one but she could bestow, who had been his lover and wife for over sixty years.  The funeral services were held from the home Sunday afternoon July 26 1914, and were in charge of Rev. Frank James. A quartette, Mrs. M. Andrews, Mrs. F. Manzer, C.F. Bentley and A.C. Wilcox rendered two hymns "Abide with me" and "Asleep in Jesus."  Interment was made in West Bainbridge cemetery.  The deceased is survived by his wife Eleanor J. Loomis and Chas. Norton, son-in-law with whom she lives, also two nephews, Albert Loomis of Binghamton, William Burlison of Oxford, and one niece, Wallace May, of this village.

Horace E Allen
Chenango Semi-Weekly Telegraph, November 11, 1891
The funeral services over the remains of the late Horace E. Allen were held from his late residence in Chapin Street in the city of Binghamton, Sunday afternoon.  The funeral was in charge of Chenango Lodge no. 435, F. and A.M. and Malta Commandery No. 23, Knights Templar, both of Binghamton. A guard of honor was also present from Ziayra Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, of Utica, of which the deceased was a member.  The Masonic fraternity from nearly every town within an hundred miles of Binghamton sent delegates to the funeral. The funeral procession, led by the city officials of Binghamton, and composed almost entirely of fraternities of which the deceased was a member, was the most extensive ever seen in that city. There were over 2,000 men in line, three-fourths of whom were Masons.  The religious services at the house were conducted by Rev. W.H. Platt, rector of Trinity Church and followed the impressive ritual of the episcopal Church. At the grave the services were conducted by Past Grand Commander Clinton F. Paige, assisted by Past Grand Prelate Pratt of Pennsylvania. The remains were laid at rest in the Spring Forest cemetery [Binghamton, Broome Co., NY]

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Obituaries (February 10)

Joseph Quinn
Utica Saturday Globe, December 1908

Joseph Quinn
1869 - 1908

Norwich [Chenango Co., NY]  Joseph Quinn, who was suffocated recently in the Commercial Hotel at Oneonta [Otsego Co., NY], had been in that place but a week, having secured a position there at his trade in the Delaware & Hudson Railroad shops.  He was boarding at the hotel and had retired apparently feeling as well and as cheerful as usual.  In the morning the odor of gas pervaded the hall and when his room was entered he was found lying dead on the bed.  From his investigation of the case the coroner decided that death was accidental.  It is supposed that in turning out his light Mr. Quinn did not close the jet entirely and, tired after his day's toil, dropped asleep without noticing the escaping gas which overcame him.  About a year ago Mr. Quinn came from Sayre, Pa., to Norwich and was employed in the Ontario & Western Railway shops.  He was 39 years of age and leaves a widow, who was formerly  Miss Lillian Wilson, of Susquehanna, Pa., to whom he was married November 27, 1901.  He is also survived by his father, Michael Quinn, and five sisters, Mrs. H.E Collier, of Norwich; Mrs. Ella Damon, of Port Jervis, N.Y.; Mrs. Mary Horton, of  New London, Conn.; Mrs. Lucy Washburn and Mrs. Emma Horton, of Susquehanna, Pa.  The remains were brought to Norwich and funeral services were held from the residence of Mr. Quinn's sister, Mrs. H.E. Collier, on Birdsall street, Rev. Ira W. Bingham, pastor of the Calvary Church, officiating. The bearers were members of the local Machinists' Union of which the deceased was a member.  The floral offerings included emblem pillows from the machinists and from the Modern Woodmen of America who had charge of the interment at Sayre, Pa., deceased being a member of that order.
Clarence Newcomb
Chenango Union, December 15, 1892
Last Saturday, the funeral of Clarence, oldest son of Giles and Grace Newcomb, took place at their residence, east of this village.  Clarence was an unusually bright and active little lad of six summers, and was the pride of his parents and his grandmother's favorite.  Although so young, he was a regular attendant at the Norwich M.E. Sunday School.  Beautiful flowers decorated the little body, a present from his Sunday School teacher.  The little lad will be greatly missed by all his former associates.  The remarks by Rev. Olmstead, and singing by Messrs. Cary and Blackman and Miss Scott were excellent.  When we think of the loved one who has departed, we cannot help repeating:
Not a sparrow in the air
Falls without the tender care
Of our heavenly Father.
Surely, then, a child shall be
Watched and cradled tenderly
By the heavenly Father.
Preston, N.Y., Dec. 15, 1892
Capt. Nelson W. Schemerhorn
DeRuyter Gleaner, May 26, 1910
Nelson W. Schermerhorn, who answered to the last roll call on Saturday evening, May 21, 1910, was born in Columbus, N.Y. [Chenango Co., NY], October 12, 1838.  He was the son of Homer and Mary Schermerhorn.  Mr. Schermerhorn was of patriotic ancestry, his great-grandfather serving in the Revolutionary War and two of his great uncles in the War of 1812; and two of his uncles fought with him in the war for the Union.  He enlisted as a private in Co. I, 114th Regiment N.Y. Volunteers, August 4, 1862, and at the company's organization was chosen its Second Lieutenant.  He was subsequently promoted and mustered as First Lieutenant of the same company, and on January 17, 1865, received the rank of Captain and was assigned to Co. D.  In August, 1863, by special order No. 203 Department of the Gulf, he was detached on recruiting and draft service in Elmira, N.Y., where he remained until May, 1864.  Captain Schermerhorn's army record was a most honorable one.  He participated in the engagements of Bisland, Port Hudson, Opequon, Fisher's HIll and Cedar Creek, and at the last name battle received a slight flesh wound in the leg.  Says Pellett's History:  "Captain Schermerhorn won a good name in the army and was always prompt and efficient in the discharge of his duties."  October 12, 1870, Captain Schermerhorn was married to Miss Ella E. Corey, who survives him.  Three children were born to them of whom two, Mrs. W.D. Blanchard of Rensselaer, N.Y., and Miss Blanche Schemerhorn of DeRuyter, survive;  he also leaves a sister, Angelia, Mrs. E.B. Ames of Redlands, Cal.  Mr. Schermerhorn had resided in DeRuyter and Cuyler most of the time since the war. For a few years he lived in Otselic and served a term as town collector.  He possessed a remarkable memory and a keen mind and had he entered the profession of law, which he studied a few months, would doubtless have won high honor.  He took a deep interest in political affairs and being well informed on all questions of the day, was no mean antagonist in a discussion of any subject.  He was a good citizen and neighbor and will be widely missed. Brief services were held at the house Tuesday afternoon, the comrades of the G.A.R. following the remains in a body to their last resting place in Hillcrest Cemetery.

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Early Norwich History - Part 4

Early History of  Norwich
Chenango County, New York
Chenango Union, January 31, 1907
Settlements were made in 1791 by Matthew Graves, Martin Taylor and Col. Monroe.
Matthew Graves built the first frame house in the town in 1798.  It first stood on the west side of South Broad street about "half way from canal to creek" says Smith and was later removed and still stands the second house north of the Canasawacta bridge on the west side of South Broad street.  It was his daughter Fanny, who married Hascall Ransford.
Martin Taylor was also implicated in Shay's Rebellion.
Col. William Monroe was a Revolutionary soldier.  He enlisted at the age of 14 as drummer boy and served through the war.  He came here form Winsor, Conn. and built a log house on west side park near corner of West Main and Broad streets intending to take up land.  But he finally settled on a farm on the Canasawacta that has since been known as Ben Frink farm, where he died.  The reason assigned for this change is as follows:
Mr. Leonard M. Cutting, who purchased township No. 15, came to Norwich in 1798 to try to induce those who had settled -?- to accept leases.  He visited their homes, among them that of Col. Munroe.  We are told that Col. Munroe was a large, powerful man, weighing about 200 pounds, while Mr. Cutting was "small in stature, but big in feeling" dressed in fashionable city attire with ruffled collar and cuffs.  Col Munroe was absent from home when Mr. Cutting called but returned soon after and followed Mr. Cutting to the home of John Shattuck.  Here there was some altercation between the two men and Munroe seized Cutting and doused him in a large swill barrel which stood near the door saying "You young stripling!  Call a Revolutionary soldier a liar will you?" 
The swill barrel, we read, was made of a hollow button wood log with a bass wood bottom and poor Mr. Cutting was soused to his neck.  Thoroughly discomfited he returned to New York as soon as his clothing could be suitably put in order once more, and soon afterward sold out the township to Dr. Stites and Anthony Lamb.  In the meantime Col Munroe, fearing a suit for trespass removed to a more secluded locality.
Among others who came in the early days were Josiah Brown, who settled near Woods Corners; and another Josiah Brown, who settled in 1795 on the farm next below the cemetery;  Manassah French, a Baptist minister who lived for a time about a mile below town; and James Gilmore who also settled south of Norwich.  His sister, a spinster, who lived with him, lived to be over 100 years old and his daughter married Col. Avery.  John McNitt, of Irish descent and a revolutionary soldier settled half a mile below Polkville.  He came bringing his wife and sons, James and John.  Numerous descendants of his reside in this vicinity.
Hezekiah Pellett and Deacon Elisha Smith came about 1794.  Mr. Pellett took tracts of land on the east side of the river across from the village and Deacon Smith succeeded Col. Munroe on the Guernsey farm, occupying at first the log house built by Munroe on the West Side Park.  In 1798 he built mills on the west side of Canasawacta near the present site of the Stone Mill. The next year, 1799, he built the house we know as the Guernsey Memorial Library. This building originally stood on West Side Park, facing Broad street near corner of West Main. It was moved to its present location in 1807 by its next owner Peter B Garnsey.

Obituaries (February 9)

Nettie Titus
Utica Saturday Globe, November 1908

Nettie Titus
1860 - 1908

Norwich [Chenango Co., NY]:  At her home in Plasterville, Saturday, occurred the death of Nettie, wife of Platt Titus, aged 48 years.  Deceased was born in Kirkland, Oneida county, April 27, 1860.  She formerly resided in this village but for the past 13 years had lived in King's Settlement.  She is survived by her husband and three children.  Mrs. Leona Leigh, of Norwich; Platt Titus, Jr., of King's Settlement, and Howard Wood, a son by a former marriage.  She also leaves two sisters, Mrs. Maude Drake, of Plasterville, and Mrs. Lucy Yale, of Deansville, and two brothers, Frank Bowman, of California, and Fred Bowman, of Sherburne.  The funeral was held from her late home Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Mr. Matthews officiating.  Burial was made in the family plot at North Norwich.
Charles Cumber
Afton Enterprise, Dec. 28, 1911
Coventryville [Chenango Co., NY]:  Charles Cumber died at his home here Wednesday p.m. after a long illness.  Funeral at the house Friday p.m. with Rev. C. Sommerson of Coventry officiating.  Burial at Coventry.  He is survived by his wife and two daughters, Mrs. Fred Hinman and Mrs. Elmer Shapley, both of this town.
The funeral of Charles Cumber, aged 74 years, was held Friday from his late home where he had resided 45 years.  The funeral was conducted by Rev. Summerson of Coventry and interment was made in Coventry cemetery.  The deceased had been troubled more or less with dropsy for several years, but of late had been a great sufferer.  He is survived by his widow, Phoebe Piper, who has been a loving companion for 55 years and he is also survived by two children, Mrs. Fred Hinman of Brackett Lake and Mrs. Elmer Shapley of this place and two brothers, Dan and David Cumber and one sister, Mrs. Jane Campbell. The deceased was of a retiring disposition, seldom mingling in the various social gatherings, but was a pleasant accommodating neighbor and a kind and loving husband and father and will be missed by his circle of friends.  [Oxford Times, Dec. 27, 1911]
Samuel Craig
Afton Enterprise, March 1, 1928
Doraville [Broome Co., NY]:  Samuel Craig died at his home here Friday afternoon, Feb. 17th, at 5 o'clock. He was 65 years of age last December 8th.  He was one of a family of sixteen children, eight of whom attended the funeral; Albert Craig of Walton, John and Robert Craig of Delhi; James, Maria, Emily, Matilda and Augustus Craig, of Merideth....The funeral was held at the M.E. Church of this place (of which he was a member) Monday, Rev. H Willets of Ouaquaga, officiated. Two beautiful selections were sung by Mrs. H.B. Willets and Mrs. Ralph Muzzy.  He leaves to mourn his loss his wife, Hattie; a son, Allen Craig; a daughter, Mrs. Jessie Arno; and two grandchildren at home.  The bearers were:  Claude Moate, Charles Johnson, J.W. Springsteen, and Charles Warner.  He was laid to rest in the Harpursville cemetery.
Olive Craig
1807 - 1897
The death of Mrs. Olive Craig, one of the oldest residents of Bainbridge occurred quite suddenly Sunday morning, May 2d, at the home of her son-in-law, Charles P. Kirby, residing below the village.  Mrs. Craig had been a sufferer from consumption during the past year, but although she had become much enfeebled, partook of breakfast as usual the last morning, conversing in her customary cheerful manner, when without warning she was attacked with hemorrhage of the lungs which soon exhausted her and she sank into death.  Mrs. Craig was born in 1807, in the town of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY] and was married in 1829, to Daniel S Craig.  Her husband died in a few years and then in her widowhood the strength of character in this brave woman was demonstrated.  She took up determinedly the duties of life, met all its emergencies with composure, and reared and educated her only child, a daughter, who was through all the years of the mother's long life, her chief solace and joy.  After her marriage, Mrs. Craig lived in Bainbridge village, until within the last fifteen years, and her residence was on North Main street.  Her household numbered for a period of years, beside herself and daughter, the two Misses Ingersoll, most estimable ladies, the youngest of whom, Miss Susan, married Mr. O.B Tyler, an officer in the first banking institution of Bainbridge.  Mr. Clarence Tyler of Bainbridge was their son.  The four ladies formed a most happy and united family group until marriage and death divided it and Mrs. Craig was left alone.  It is within the memory of many here the recollection of the home that always shone so brightly for Mrs. Craig's personal friends, and the pleasant social center it became for the young people when the daughter reached womanhood.  The deceased was an attendant of the Episcopal church, and one of the pure, noble and good women of Bainbridge. She had almost completed a century, her death transpiring in her ninetieth year. She was cared for by her daughter, Mrs. Kirby, and her family with devoted affection.  The funeral was held from Mr. Charles P. Kirby's house at 2 o'clock, yesterday afternoon, the Rev. E. Melville of St. Paul's church, Sidney, officiating.  The burial was in St. Peter's burying ground, Bainbridge.
Frank Bolles
1833 - 1897
The community was shocked to an unusual degree to learn of the sudden death of Frank G. Bolles, which occurred at about 10 o'clock Thursday evening.  He was about 62 years of age.  The deceased had not been in robust health for some time and on that evening suffered a paralytic shock.  A physician was hastily summoned but he lived only a few moments after his arrival.  Mr. Bolles was one of Unadilla's most prominent citizens and well known throughout the state.  For a number of years he had been closely connected with Masonic affairs, being a Knight Templar and at the time of his death was deputy grand lecturer of this Masonic district.  He was also a member of the A.O,U.W.  He has been for many years a most genial correspondent to a number of vicinity papers. The sympathy of the community is extended to his wife, who survives him, besides two sons, W.E. and I.M. Bolles of Patterson, N.J.  The funeral was held Sunday at the house with interment in Prospect cemetery in Sidney [Delaware Co., NY].  Malta Commandery, Knight Templars, of Binghamton attended in a body as did the Unadilla and Oneonta lodges of Masons.  A special train brought the Masonic bodies from Unadilla to Sidney while the remains and immediate friends came in teams, being met at the river bridge by the K.T. and two lodges mentioned above, also Sidney lodge, F.&A.M. and a delegation of Bainbridge Masons.  The Masonic fraternity had charge of the services at the grave.
Sidney Record, May 1, 1897
....Frank G Bolles, son of Elias and Nancy Bolles, was born in Oxford, N.Y [Chenango Co.], September 28, 1833, and is the last of a family of fourteen.  The year 1861 was perhaps one of the most eventful of his life.  It was in that year that Mr Bolles was married to Maria Morris at Amsterdam.  The union proved a most happy one.  The kind and tender devotion of the happy pair was mutual and unceasing through life.  It was also in that year that Frank Bolles was initiated as a mason on the 4th of May, 1861.  June 10, 1861 he passed and Nov. 24, 1861 he was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in Freedom Lodge, no. 324, F.&A.M.  In Jan. 1870 he took the Capitular Degrees in Unadilla Chapter, No. 178 R.A.M.  The labors, intense zeal, ceaseless application to work of Bro. Bolles in the Masonic field will long be remembered.  His place will not be easily filled.  He was a high authority in things Masonic, and was loved by every member of the fraternity.  He served Freedom Lodge as Master three terms and served the 18th Masonic district three terms as D.D.G.  For ten years he held the important position of Assistant Grand lecturer under Grand Lecturer McGown.  His public masonic work brought him into great prominence among not only the masons of the state but far beyond its lines, while his cheerful and pleasing address endeared him to all.  He was High Priest in the Chapter for ten years.  Eight years ago the Grand Chapter of Quebec appointed him their representative to the Grand Chapter of the State of New York, which he held with honor to the last.  he was also a Sir Knight of Malta Commandery, No. 21, of Binghamton.  he was a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, having served as Master Workman many years....
Death Notices
Chenango Union, August 17, 1853
At Fort Wayne, Indiana, the 9th, Mr. Charles L. Thompson, son-in-law of Dr. Wm. C. Wait of this village [Norwich, Chenango Co., NY], aged 31 yrs.  Burial here Sunday afternoon last.
In Cortland, on 2nd, Mrs.  Catharine Reynolds Ballard, wife of Augustus L. Ballard, Esq. and daughter of  Hon Joseph Reynolds, aged 24 years.
In this town [Norwich, Chenango Co., NY], on 12th, Mrs. Sally Cook, widow of the late Richard Cook, aged 68 years.

Chenango Union, August 24, 1853

In Mt. Upton [Chenango Co., NY], on 15th, Martin A. Gregory, aged 33 years.

In Mt. Upton [Chenango Co., NY], on 13th, Mrs. Mary Ann Gregory, wife of William Gregory, aged 25 years.

In Mt. Upton (Chenango Co., NY], on 22nd, Chana, wife of Dr. R.B. Prindle, aged 28 years.

In Smithville Flats [Chenango Co., NY], on 31st ult.  Mrs. Jane Hayes, relict of the late James Hayes, aged 83 years.

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Early Norwich History - Part 3

Early History of  Norwich
Chenango County, New York
Chenango Union, January 31, 1907
David Fairchild was probably the next settler. He located near the south line of the township near the Gates farmhouse.  He was a noted hunter and trapper and soon removed to Preston where he was killed about 1805 in a trap set for bears.
The third settler is thought to have been Silas Cole, who came from Connecticut with his wife, both riding one horse.  He took up the land now comprising the southeastern quarter of the town.  About 1800 he built for a tavern the house now [in 1907] the residence of Mrs. Elisa Hickok.  When the first militia muster was advertised to take place in Norwich, he, with others, made extensive and expensive preparations in anticipation of the expected multitudes.  The crowd came, but to the dismay of the innkeepers, numerous hucksters also appeared, who supplied the wants of the crowd, and the innkeepers failed to receive expected patronage.  Mr. Cole thus became involved and was obliged to sell his fine farm.  This he did and removed about 1806 with his family to Ohio.  The farm was then divided and bought by Judge Steere and Elder Jedediah Randall.
Capt. John Harris, the next settler, came as we know from Voluntown, Conn. in 1789.  With him came William Smiley.  The latter brought his family and settled on what is known as the Breed farm two miles below town.  On this farm was at that time a famous sulpher spring supposed to be sovereign remedy for all cutaneous diseases, but which has been lost.  Smiley sold about 1796 to Stephen Collins and went west with his family.  Collins built the present farm house about 1806 and kept tavern and toll-gate.  About 1810 he sold to Elias Breed and removed from town with his family. 
Of the interesting history of Captain John Harris we have been told in a previous paper. When he returned to Norwich with his family in 1790, his two brothers-in-law came also.  They took up extensive lands just north of the village.  Hascall Ransford's land lay on the west side of the river.  He married Fanny Graves June 12, 1793.  This was the first marriage contracted in town.  The ceremony was performed by Joab Enos, who was made justice for that [purpose] as no clergyman or justice was closer than Tioga Point.  We are told that Mr. Enos was ignorant of the ceremony and was aided in its performance by Capt. John Harris, who stood at his back and prompted him.
Hascall Ransford built a log house which stood in a clearing about a mile north of the village on the east side of the road nearly opposite the Dimmick farm house.  Here he kept tavern for some time.  Later he built a frame house on the opposite side of the road, several rods nearer town. Traces of foundations remain.  He was a member of assembly in 1814 and died in 1859 leaving several children.
Wm. Ransford's farm was on the east side of the river, and his great granddaughter, Mrs. Reese, now [in 1907] resides in the homestead.
Nicholas Pickett came about 1795, located on east side of the river, but afterwards sold out and moved west.
Major Brooks came about same time.  He was a Massachusetts man and a Revolutionary soldier.  He also participated in Shay's rebellion, a fact which he always admitted and justified.  he settled on what is now west side park where he build a log shanty and later removed to Plymouth, where he was killed by a fall of a tree in 1822.

Jacob and Joseph Skinner came from Hebran, Conn. in 1790.  Jacob finally settled on the crest of West Hill where he built a log house and afterwards a frame house.  Joseph settled on east side of river about a mile above town.  Both had several children.
To be continued

Marriages (February 8)

Elliott - Tansey
Utica Saturday Globe, November 1908

Daniel & Anna (Tansey) Elliott

Norwich [Chenango Co., NY]:  At St. Paul's rectory at high noon Wednesday, occurred the marriage of Miss Anna Tansey and Daniel Elliott, two well known young people of this village.  Rev. Father Prendergast performed the ceremony in the presence of a few relatives and friends.  Miss Anna Hogan was maid of honor and Robert H. Fogarty acted as best man.  The bride wore a blue traveling suit.  Following the ceremony a wedding dinner was served at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Mary Tansey, on Guernsey street and the couple left for a wedding trip to Syracuse and other points.  The bride has for some time been a valued employee of the sealing room at the Condensery. The groom is a member of the firm of Cheesbro & Elliott, who conduct a barber shop on East Main street. Both are popular among a large circle of friends, who extend best wishes.  On their return from their wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott will begin housekeeping in rooms already prepared at 35 Fair street.
Hamilton - Hart
Chenango Union, February 14, 1907
At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hamilton, Cortland street, on Wednesday, February 13, their daughter, Emma Adelaide [Hamilton] was married to Mr. Charles Hart, of Otselic [Chenango Co., NY].  Rev. J.L. Ray was the officiating clergyman.  Previous to the ceremony there was a musical program under the direction of Prof. Floyd C. Hart, violinist, assisted by Misses Alice and Belle Hamilton at the piano.  Mr. and Mrs. hart are spending their honeymoon in New York, Brooklyn and other places.
Marriage Notices
Chenango Union, May 1, 1872
TOOMBS - BENEDICT:  In Afton [Chenango Co., NY], April 24th, by Rev. Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Jonas Toombs, of Coventry [Chenango Co., NY], to Miss Adelaide F. Benedict, of Norwich [Chenango Co., NY].
ANDREWS - DYE:  At the home of the bride, April 24th, by Rev. A.C. Smith, Mr. Wm. Andrews, of Taylor, Cortland Co., to Miss Jane Dye, of Pitcher, Chenango Co.
POTTER - HOUSE:  In East Guilford, April 21st, by Rev. J.S. Pattengill, Mr. Charles M. Potter, to Miss Anna House, both of New Berlin [Chenango Co., NY].
MORSE - DUDLEY:  In Greene, April 23d, by Rev. J.H. Sage, Mr. Samuel P. Morse, to Miss Charlotte C. Dudley, all of Greene [Chenango Co., NY].
FISH - DOPP:  In New Berlin, March 1st, by Eld. Carrier, Mr. Orlando Fish, of New Berlin [Chenango Co., NY] to Miss Ida Dopp of Lebanon, Madison Co.

Obituaries (February 8)

Joseph A. Barbary
Utica Saturday Globe, April 1908
Joseph A Barbary
1844 - 1908

Norwich [Chenango Co., NY]:  Joseph A. Barbary, one of the best known Italian business men in Norwich, died at his home on Elm street Friday of last week.  For seven months he had been a sufferer from Bright's disease.  Mr. Barbary was 64 years of age.  he was born in Genoa, Italy, March 1, 1944.  At the age of 28 he sailed for America, and on his arrival in New York, resided there for five years.  Later he lived for brief periods in Oneonta and Sherburne before coming to Norwich. Twenty-one years ago, in 1887, he embarked in the fruit business on the T.D. Miller corner, in a small stand erected specially for his use.  After the erection of the Cook Block he removed his stock to the store now occupied by George H. Ruckteshler and established the fruit, confectionery and tobacco business now conducted by Mr. Ruckteshler.  After disposing of his interest there, Mr. Barbary took charge of a small stand east of the Palmer House, where for seven years he carried on a fruit business.  He became familiarly known as "Joe" Barbary and will be missed by his regular patrons among whom he was well regarded.  In 1872, Mr. Barbary was united in marriage with Miss Antoniette Barbary.  Eight children were born to them, five dying in infancy.  The three remaining children, residents of Norwich, are Mrs. L.A. Cevasco, Louis W. Barbary and Lena M. Barbary.  He is also survived by two sisters, one residing in Genoa, Italy, and the other, Mrs. Frank Natoli, living in Norwich.  Funeral services were held from the family residence on Elm street at 9 o'clock on Tuesday morning and from St. Paul's church at 10 o'clock, Rev. E.R. Prendergast officiating.  The Red Men attended in a body. The choir was assisted by Linn H. Babcock and Lewis H. Burnside. The pallbearers chosen from the Red Men were Ira Robb, James Robb, S.M. Blanford, W.H Griffin, William Elliott and Curtis Rathbun.  Interment was made in St. Paul's Cemetery.
Bessie (Brower) Latham
1889 - 1947
Mrs. Bessie Latham, manager of the Mathews Store in this city for the past four years, died Tuesday night at her home, 6 Division [Norwich, Chenango Co., NY], following several weeks of ill health,  She was the widow of Elbert Latham.  Born in new Berlin [Chenango Co., NY], Sept. 13, 1889, Mrs. Latham was the daughter of Hiram and Ida (Sherwood) Brower.  Held in high esteem and affection by many friends, news of her passing is learned with sorrow by business associates and others.  There are no immediate relatives.  She is survived by three nieces, Mrs. Bessie Rathbun of Oxford; Mrs. Margaret Bowers of Amblerville and Mrs. Shirley Smith of Norwich, also one nephew, Chauncey Cobb of this city.  The body of Mrs. Latham rests at the William Breese Funeral Home...Services will be held at the funeral home Friday at 1 o'clock, Rev Thomas G. Swales of the Broad Street Methodist church officiating.  Burial will be made in Mt. Hope cemetery.
Lizzie A. Phetteplace
1870 - 1947
Mrs. Lizzie A. Phetteplace, widow of Orson Phetteplace, died at the Chenango Memorial Hospital at 12:15 Thursday morning following an illness of two months duration.  She had been a hospital patient for the past two weeks.  Born at Woods Corners [Norwich, Chenango Co., NY], June 23, 1870, the daughter of Roscoe and Laura Brown Johnson, Mrs. Phetteplace had passed her entire lifetime in this community.  For the past several years she had made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Clara Cleveland of 12 Hickory.  A woman of fine Christian character, she was a member of the Broad Street Methodist church.  Her family, home and church were her chief interests in life.  A wide circle of friends will learn with sincere sorrow of her passing.  Besides the daughter mentioned, she leaves another daughter, Mrs Bertha Button of Sherburne; 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the Breese Funeral Home.  Rev. Thomas Swales, pastor of the Broad Street Methodist church officiating.  Burial will be in Mt. Hope cemetery [Norwich, NY]. 
Death Notices
Chenango Union, May 1, 1872
PENDLETON:  In Oxford [Chenango Co., NY], on Wednesday morning, April 24th, of brain fever, James N. Pendleton, aged 19 years and 10 months, only son of Nathan Pendleton, and brother of Mrs. R.A. Stanton, of this village [Norwich, NY]
TILYOU:  In North Norwich [Chenango Co., NY], April 24th, George, son of John D. Tilyou, aged 14 years, 8 months.
BROWN:  In Preston [Chenango Co., NY], April 26th, Mr. Lorenzo W. Brown, aged 34 years.
MAXSON:  In Preston [Chenango Co., NY], April 28th, Albert J. Maxson, aged 17 years, son of Paul C. Maxson.
BENSON:  In Otselic [Chenango Co., NY], April 7th, after a short but severe illness, Addy [Benson], youngest child of Newton and Jane Benson, aged 5 years, 6 months, 20ds.
THOMPSON:  In New Berlin [Chenango Co., NY], April 14th, Mrs. Dimmis Thompson, in the 93d year of her age.
KNICKERBOCKER:  In Coventry [Chenango Co., NY], April 22d, Job H. Knickerbocker, aged 16 years, 5 mos., 5 days.
WATERS:  In Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], April 12th, Mr. E.G. Waters, aged 78 years, formerly of Coventry.
NASH:  In Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], April 8th, Ellen [Nash], wife of Lewis Nash.
HOUSE:  At the County House, in Preston [Chenango Co., NY], March 28th, William House, aged 85 years, formerly of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY].
Atwater:  In Greene [Chenango Co., NY], April 16th, Minnie E. [Atwater], daughter of John S. and Urania Atwater, aged 4 years and 11 months.
PIERCE:  In Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], April 21st, Mr. John Pierce, aged 72 years.
TUCKER:  In Bianbridge [Chenango Co., NY], April 22d, Mr. Alexander Tucker, aged 64 years.
HYATT:  In Afton [Chenango Co., NY], April 16th, Mr. Charles S. Hyatt, aged 69 years.
DAVIS:  In Marquette, Wis., April 6th, Lucilla A. Davis, daughter of T.B Fairchild, formerly of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY].
Chenango Union, February 21, 1884
BRADLEY:  In Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], Feb. 14th, of apoplexy, Catherine Bolles [Bradley], wife of Aaron Bradley, aged 56 years.
TITUS:  In North Norwich [Chenango Co., NY], February 14th, Mr Solomon Titus, in the 95th year of his age.
LEWIS:  In Syracuse [Onondaga Co., NY], Feb. 5th, Mr. Isaiah Lewis, aged 62 years, formerly of Pharsalia [Chenango Co., NY].
ORTON:  In Lisle [Broome Co., NY] Jan. 29th,  Mr. Charles D. Orton, aged 60 years, formerly of Greene [Chenango Co., NY].
SPRAGUE:  In Winfield, Feb. 12th, Mr Elisha Sprague, aged 70 years, formerly of Smyrna [Chenango Co., NY]