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Post Listings April 21-24, 2014

Post listings for April 21-24, 2014.

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Posted April 21, 2014
Marion E. Henderson - Herbert L. Prescott (1938)
Lena M. Delello - John J. Zuccarelli (1938)
Dorothy Brandt - Paul Shubert (1938)
Martha M Banks - Marion S. Henyan (1938)
Velma M. Hall - Clifford Ballantyne (1938)
Eva Phelps - Vincent k. Day (1938)
Martha McBride - Austin Miller (1938)

Posted April 22, 2014
Pearl Fowlston - Oscar Prestidge (1938)
Rev. Lester D. Huxtable - Ellen Herbaugh (1938)
Alta Palmer - Eena Carwin (1938)
Hannal Nearing - Willis Peck (1938)
Helen Barr - Lewis Pfeil (1938)
Julio de Osma (California, 1938)

Posted April 23, 2014
Mildred M. Harrington - John Eldred (1938)
Florence Franks - Leroy M . Geertgens (1938)
Benjamin Barleson - Florinda Kelly (1827)
Ira Benedict - Clarissa Wakefield (1871)
Edna Mattice - Floyd Anderson (1914)

Posted April 24, 2014
Betty Birdsall - Ove Munk (1938)
Edward Hinman - Louise R. Brown (1900)
Madeline Dennison - Stephen H. Barrett
Mary Galt Stockly - Owen Johnson (1901)

Posted April 21, 2014
Freemont C. Martin (Harpursville, 1938)
Leon Charles Loomis (Forest Hill, LI, West Bainbridge, 1938)
Daniel Nielson (Afton, 1938)
George Harrison Avery (Rockdale, 1938)
Elizabeth Clarke (Mt. Upton, 1938)
Ivah (Kniskern) James (Bainbridge, Deposit, Grand Canyon, AZ, 1938)

Posted April 22, 2014
Charles Ulysis Rider (Rockdale, 1938)
Glen Wood (Afton, 1938)
Harry Welch (Wellsbridge, 1938)
Zephaniah Thorp (Bainbridge, 1938)
May (Andrews) Lester (Coventry, Venice, 1938)
Charles Hodge (Bainbridge, 1894)

Posted April 23, 2014
Emma Grace (Petley) Albrecht (Middlebridge, 1938)
Rev. Robert L. Clark (Utica, Bainbridge, 1938)
Elizabeth G. (Hayward) Juliand (Greene, 1938)
George Leroy Johnson (Mt. Upton, 1938)
Bertha Elizabeth Babcock (Afton, 1938)
Joseph B. DeNio (Treadwell, 1938)
Arthur T. Kirby (Afton, Sidney, 1938)
Ray Alcott (Guilford, 1929)
Mrs. Ray Alcott (Guilford, 1906)

Posted April 24, 2014
Lewis J. Merrill (Afton, Greene, 1938)
Benjamin Y. Cooper (Bainbridge, Guilford, 1938)
Elizabeth Griffin Hawkins (Bainbridge, Oneonta, 1938)
Abel J. Barlow (Unadilla, 1939)
Bruce Lakin (Sidney, 1939)
Edward Frank Sargeant (Oneonta, 1939)

Posted April 21, 2014
School Commencement Program is Announced, Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938.

Posted April 22, 2014
The "Bed Rock" Emery Works, Guilford, Chenango Co. NY, Chenango Union, Aug. 30, 1883.

Posted April 23, 2014

Leon Weller To Retire from Freight Service, Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 25, 1938.

Posted April 24, 2014
BCHS Class of 1935, Senior Portraits, "Echo" 1935.

BCHS Class of 1935, Part 2

Bainbridge Central High School Class of 1935
Senior Portraits
"Echo" 1935
Jean Dawson
She is the poet of our class,
This attractive, ambitious lass.
In pensive mood, she sits and dreams
Of what to write?--poetic themes.

Paul Fairbanks
Dancing is his chief delight
And Latin is his joy.
If he'd get his lessons right,
He'd be a happy boy.
Class President

Wilma Gustafson
She always lends a willing hand
When there is work to do.
She's cheerful, witty, full of pep
And rarely ever blue.

Robert Herrick
You'll know him by his checkered vest
But notice not too much lest
He grow embarrassed 'neath your eye
For growing tall made him shy.

Marion Lewis
If ever you want something done,
Call on Marion, she's the one
Who is up-to-date on every style,
And greets her friends with a cheery smile.

Viola Sherman
A Pretty picture that I see
A pretty picture is to me and nothing more.
But when Viola speaks of art
She brings to it a world apart from common men.
Where line and form and color stand
'Neath Harmony's restricting hand
A Symphony.

Marriages (April 24)

Betty Birdsall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Birdsall of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], was married on Friday evening, Dec. 16, to Ove Munk, son of Mrs. Olga Munk of Bainbridge.  The wedding ceremony as performed in the "Little Church Around the corner," New York city.  Frederick Birdsall, brother of the bride, gave his sister in marriage.  Mrs. Paul Rosenkranz, sister of the groom, attended Miss Birdsall and Paul Rosenkranz was best man.  The bride wore a gown of aqua blue teal crepe, her corsage was of rose pink sweet peas, snap dragons and rosebuds.  Mrs. Rosenkranz wore a teal blue gown and her corsage was of tiny yellow rose buds.  The wedding supper was served at the Hotel Aberdeen.  After spending several days in New York the couple will be at home in an apartment in the Birdsall home.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Dec. 22, 1938]
Two of Deposit's [Broome Co., NY] most respected young people, Mr. Edward Hinman and Miss Louise R. Brown, were married last evening at the home of the bride on Court street.  The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. Alfred Coons on the same spot where for the third time in a little over a year, happy nuptials have been consummated in the family.  During the ceremony, the couple, in very attractive style, the bride attired in a beautiful traveling suit of blue cloth, trimmed with white, stood facing a bank of palms, ferns and potted plants, and formed the graceful center of a most delightful wedding occasion.  After the ceremony cordial congratulations by the large company of guests were lavished upon the newly married couple.  This was followed by a feast of good things at the tables and a very enjoyable social interview.  the presents were a multitude of substantial and beautiful articles, designed to serve as a blessing to memory and home.  At nine o'clock the couple took the train for Binghamton and beyond, to be absent several days.  When they return, they will reside in their newly furnished home on Center Street.  [Notation:  Oct. 17, 1900]
Word has been received in Bainbridge of the marriage of Miss Madeline Dennison to Stephen B. Barrett, both of New York city, which event occurred June 25, at Newport, Kentucky.  Mrs. Barrett is well known in Bainbridge having attended school here previous to 1898.  She boarded at the Park Hotel, kept then by A.L Bevier.  Mrs. Thayer, her grandmother, now deceased, was with her. 
Miss Mary Galt Stockly a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Washington Stockly, who have made Lakewood [Chautauqua Co., NY] their home for several years, was married at noon the 23rd inst., to Mr. Owen Johnson, son of Robert Underwood Johnson, who is on the staff of the Century Magazine.  The entire altar front was solidly banked with apple blossoms, great palms and ferns, while knots of apple blossoms, tied with broad white satin ribbon marked the pews reserved for the wedding guests.  The bride, gowned in pure white satin, with Venetian point lace, flowing veil and orange blossoms, was given away by her father.  Her maid of honor was Miss Agnes McMahon Johnson, a sister of the bridegroom. There were six bridesmaids.  The best man was Franklin Carter, Jr., of Williamstown, Mass.,--N.Y. Sun.  The bride is a granddaughter of the late Alvin Devereux, of this place.  [Notation:  May 23, 1901]

Obituaries (April 24)

Lewis J. Merrill, 87, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Everett Moses of Waverly, late Sunday afternoon, December 4, 1938, after an extended illness.  Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Moses, with whom he resided, Mrs. E.W. Spohn and Mrs. L.M. Chase, both of Johnson City; one sister, Mrs. Raymond Sykes of Meeker, Colo; six grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.  A prayer service was held Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. with funeral services at 2 p.m., Wednesday, from St. Ann's Episcopal church at Afton.  The Rev. Walter M. Higley, pastor of All Saints' church, Johnson City, assisted by the Rev. Sidney Heath, rector of St. Ann's officiated.  Burial was made in Sylvan Lawn Cemetery at Greene [Chenango Co., NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Dec. 15, 1938]
Benjamin Y. Cooper:  Large, sympathetic and respectful was the company which gathered at the funeral of Mr. B.Y. Cooper on Monday afternoon of this week.  Mr. Cooper with his wife and brother, Mr. Marcus Cooper and wife, had been a resident of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY] nearly twenty years, coming from the old Cooper homestead in Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], where he had lived for nearly forty-eight years.  Mr. Cooper, as all who knew him, was a quiet, unpretentious, unassuming, kind-hearted, broad-mined man.  Funeral services were performed by Rev. J.E. Vassar of the Baptist church and interment took place in the family cemetery in Guilford.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Dec. 15, 1938]
Mrs. Elizabeth Griffin Hawkins, 84, widow of the late Orrin Hawkins, died at the home of her son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Hawkins, of Coventryville, on Dec. 24, after an illness of three months.  Funeral services were held Wednesday at 2 o'clock at Colwell's Chapel on West Main street, the Rev. Woods, Congregational minister of Greene, officiating.  The body will be placed in a vault in Bainbridge and buried at Oneonta Plains Cemetery later.  Mrs. Hawkins, who has lived here for the past two years, is survived by her son, Grover Hawkins; a sister, Mrs. Carrie Rockville of Granville Summit, Pa.; two brothers, W.D. Griffin of Canton, Pa., and Aaron Griffin of Nebraska; and by a grandson James L. Hawkins.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Dec. 29, 1938]
Funeral service for Abel J. Barlow, 98, Civil War veteran and for 50 years owner of The Unadilla Times, will be held at 2 o'clock today (Thursday) at the Kays and Guy Funeral Chapel in Deposit [Broome Co., NY].  The Rev. M.W. Pomeroy will officiate and full military rites will be given with a firing squad and bugler from Oneonta.  Burial will be at Pine Grove Cemetery in Deposit.  Passing of Mr. Barlow at the Millard Walley farm in Cannonville [Delaware Co., NY], the old farm of the Barlow family where Mr. Barlow was born Aug. 18, 1840, in a log cabin, leaves Delaware county with only two Civil War survivors, Andrus Crabb of Walton and George Dugan of Roxbury.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Mar. 9, 1939]
The often repeated wish of a man that he might not live to see his dog, a companion of many years, die, was granted when death claimed Bruce Lakin, 72, a former resident of Sidney [Delaware Co., NY].  His funeral was held Saturday, with burial at Fish's Eddy.  Mr. Lakin's constant companion for eleven years has been a little Scottie dog called Jeanie.  Mr. Lakin had brought the dog up from a puppy, and it is said by friends of Mr. Lakin's that Jeanie would never forage for herself, as will most dogs, but would only take food from the hand of her beloved master.  Mr. Lakin was a great fisherman and lover of the out-of-doors, and wherever he went Jeanie was always by his side, frolicking along.  Sometimes, she warned him of danger, as she did one day when she discovered a rattlesnake coiled among the rocks at a site where Mr. Lakin was building a camp.  Mr. Lakin's and Jeanie's home in Sidney was one of Sidney's oldest landmarks, being a half-way house on the old Catskill Turnpike. Many are the stories the old walls could tell.  Many the pairs of feet that danced in the old ballroom till dawn.  That tavern had one very unusual feature--there was no bar.  The house has been closed for the past few years.  No doubt Jeanie will soon follow  her master, because dogs, like human beings, can carry grief and a heavy heart.  But, as long as she lives, she will remember a kind and loving friend at whose side she always walked.  Jeanie will not forget.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Mar. 9, 1939]
Edward Frank Sargeant, age 17, of Oneonta [Otsego Co., NY], passed away on Tuesday, March 7, at 1:20 p.m. in Fox Memorial Hospital, where he had been a medical patient for a few days.  Death was attributed to an infection at the base of the brain.  Edward was born April 19, 1921, at Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], the only child of William H. and Esther Payne Sargeant.  His father, a world war veteran, passed away in Albany in 1936.  Edward has been a resident of Oneonta for 15 years.  He was a graduate of the Plain School and a member of the sophomore class of Oneonta High School.  Edward was very popular with the younger class and his willingness to aid others endeared him to many.  He attended the Elm Park Methodist Church.  Funeral Services were held Friday at 2 p.m. at the Colwell funeral parlors, with the Rev. Sidney E. Heath officiating.  The bearers were Earl Clark, Jr., Stanley and Carl Hutchinson and Stanley Davis of Morris.  He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Esther Sargeant, his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Sargeant, several Aunts, Uncles and cousins.  They will have the sympathy of their many friends.  [Bainbridge Press, Mar. 16, 1939]

Marriages (April 23)

The engagement of Miss Mildred May Harrington, of Greene [Chenango Co., NY], to John Eldred, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Eldred of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], has been announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Harrington.  No date for the wedding has been announced.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 1, 1938]
Miss Florence Franks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Franks of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], was united in marriage with Leroy M. Geertgens, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geertgens of Franklin [Delaware Co., NY], on Friday evening, Sept. 23, at the Methodist parsonage by the Rev. G.N. Underwood.  They were attended by the bride's sister, Miss Esther Franks, and by Fleming Geertgens, the bridegroom's brother.  The bride's gown was of teal blue silk with a corsage of yellow roses.  Miss Esther Franks was attired in black silk with a corsage of red roses.  A wedding supper was served at the home of the bride's parents at the conclusion of the ceremony, attended by the bridal party and the immediate families of the bride and bridegroom.  The couple left that evening by way of the Hudson valley for New Rochelle and New York City.  Upon their return, they will make their home in Franklin.  Out of town guests for the wedding were the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Geertgens, of Franklin.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 29, 1938]
MARRIED:  In Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], on the 16th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Bentley, Mr. Benjamin Barleson, to Miss Florinda Kelly, all of that town.  [Chenango Republican, Oxford, NY, Nov. 30, 1827]
Guilford [Chenango Co., NY]:  Mr. Ira Benedict, of Coventry [Chenango Co., NY], was married to Miss Clarissa Wakefield, of Guilford, on the 12th inst.  This couple are aged respectively, 78 and 74, and truly they have arrived at years of discretion, and fully realize the importance of the step they have taken; but if they do not, it cannot be called youthful folly.  May the brief portion of their lives be replete with happiness and prosperity.  [Chenango Union, July 26, 1871]
The wedding of Miss Edna Mattice and Floyd Anderson occurred today (Thursday) at Bilboa, Schoharie County.  The bride is sister of Mrs. Edward Danforth of this village, who with Mr. Danforth attended the occasion.  Miss Isabelle Collins, Sidney Bennett and Leigh Evans of this village, friends of the bride and groom, also attended.  Miss Mattice is well known in Bainbridge, where she has visited frequently.  The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Anderson of Lestershire, and until last spring resided in Bainbridge.  [Married 26 Nov. 1914]

Obituaries (April 23)

The community was shocked to hear of the sudden death of Mrs. A.L. Albrecht, Friday night, Aug. 19, at her home in Middlebridge [Chenango Co., NY].  She was struck with a severe pain over the  heart about 8 o'clock and a physician was called, but she lived only a short time.  The doctor said death was caused by a clot forming in the heart.  Mrs. Albrecht had been working as usual, apparently in good health, until stricken. Before her marriage to Alfred L. Albrecht in 1894, she was Miss Emma Grace Petley, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Petley.  She is survived by her husband, a granddaughter, Mrs. Lee Terry, of Vallonia Springs and an infant great-grandson, Donald.  She also leaves three brothers, John Petley of Rockdale, Henry and Herbert Petley of Bainbridge, and two sisters, Mrs. Nancy Blinco of Guilford nad Mrs. William Northrup of Bainbridge.  Mrs. Albrecht was a member of the Afton M.E. Church.  The funeral was conducted at home, by the pastor, the Rev. W.S. Jones, Monday at 2 o'clock.  Burial was in Greenlawn Cemetery in Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], beside her daughter, Ethel, who died six years ago. The large attendance of friends and neighbors attested to the love and esteem in which Mrs. Albrecht was held.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 25, 1938]

Funeral service for the Rev. Robert L. Clark, retired Methodist minister, will be held Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock in the Bainbridge Methodist Episcopal Church [Chenango Co., NY].  The Rev. George N. Underwood will officiate.  Burial will be in the new Forest Hills Cemetery in Utica [Oneida Co., NY].  Clark moved to Bainbridge with his family in 1879.  He attended Bainbridge High School, Wyoming Seminary and Syracuse University, and later received degrees from Boston University and Illinois Wesleyan University.  He served as pastor in Norwich, Binghamton, Candor, Waverly and Lake Placid, from where he retired in 1933.  He died after only a weeks' illness, although he had been in failing health for some time.  Mr. Clark is survived by his widow, Mrs. Eloise Newton Clark; a daughter, Mrs. Hannah Hall of Kenmore, and a son, Robert Newton Clark of Ithaca.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 25, 1938]

Elizabeth G. Juliand, wife of George Juliand, passed away at Mt. Upton [Chenango Co., NY] Aug. 20.  She was born Oct. 6, 1873, 64 years ago, at Newton Center, Mass., the daughter of Elizabeth Patterson and Henry Heyward.  Death was due to cerebral apoplexy.  She had been ill but a few days.  Final rites were held Tuesday, with burial at Greene [Chenango Co., NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 1, 1938]

George Leroy Johnson, a resident of Mt. Upton [Chenango Co., NY] for the past 18 years, passed away Thursday morning, Aug. 25.  He was born July 6, 1864, 74 years ago, at Wilmott, Pa., the son of Amanda (Hobbs) and Everett Johnson.  He was a retired lumber dealer, having spent 35 years of his life in the business.  Funeral services were held Saturday, Aug. 27, with Colwell Brothers of Bainbridge in charge.   Burial was at Hancock's.   [Bainbridge News, & Republican, Sept. 1, 1938]

Bertha Elizabeth Babcock, 13-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Babcock of Afton [Chenango Co., NY], died of heart disease in the office of Dr. Ben D. Dodge Sunday afternoon.  The infant had suffered from heart disease since birth.  The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon.  Burial was in North Fenton cemetery [Broome Co., NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 1, 1938]

Funeral services were conducted Saturday afternoon for Joseph H. DeNio of Treadwell [Delaware Co., NY], a resident of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY] from 1928 to 1931.  He had been in failing health for some time and succumbed last Wednesday morning.   The Rev. R.B. Guice officiated and burial was in Harvard.  Before coming to Bainbridge, Mr. DeNio lived in Bayonne, N.J., where he was an employee of the Tidewater Oil Co.  He was born in Tompkins in 1866.  In 1885, he married Miss Cora Baxter at Walton, then lived for 18 years at Read's Creek.  He moved to Treadwell in 1931.  He was a member of the Downsville Lodge, F.&A.M., and of the Red Men.  His daughter, Mrs. Irvin Bush, of Bainbridge; an uncle, James DeNio, of Rock Rift; and several cousins survive him.  One of his cousins, the late Joseph DeNio, won recognition as a poet, while another, Miss Mary DeNio, is a well known concert singer.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 8, 1938]

Bainbridge friends heard with deep regret of the death of Arthur T. Kirby at the Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, at noon on Sept. 15, following a week's illness which developed into bronchial pneumonia.  Mr. Kirby was born Oct. 13, 1892, at Afton [Chenango Co., NY], the son of Edward and Effie (Cable) Kirby.  He is survived in his immediate family by his wife, Mrs. Marjorie Kirby, and by one daughter, Miss Mary Kirby, a student at Syracuse University.  He is also survived by his sisters, Mrs. Margaret Casey, wife of Principal F.J. Casey, and by a cousin, R.W. Kirby, and an uncle, C.C. Kirby, of Bainbridge.  Mr. Kirby has been a resident of Sidney [Delaware Co., NY] for about 12 years where he owned and operated a contracting and trucking business.  Mr. Kirby was one of the survivors of the torpedoed English ship, Laconia during the World War.  He and Floyd Gibbons were companions in a life boat which drifted for nine hours in the waters off the Irish coast before being picked up by another vessel.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Sept. 29, 1938]

Ray Alcott, 86, a life long resident of this village [Guilford, Chenango Co., NY] died at his home on Merchant street Thursday afternoon May 30, 1929, from heart trouble.  The deceased was born in Guilford March 25th, 1843,.  In early life he was married to Miss Sarah Root, of Root's Corners the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Root who died several years ago.  He was a communicant of Christ Episcopal church for many years.  The funeral service was held in Christ church Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. E.B Doolittle officiating.  Burial in Sunset Hill cemetery [Guilford, NY].  He is survived by two brothers, Irving and Albert, of this place besides several nieces and nephews. [Bainbridge Republican, June 1929]

Guilford [Chenango Co., NY]:  Mrs. Ray Alcott, after many years of suffering passed away Monday morning about 7 o'clock.  although in poor health and quite feeble, death came suddenly and unexpectedly.  Her husband survives her together with two sisters, Miss Helen Root and Mrs. E.P. Wade and one brother, Frank Root.  She will be greatly missed not only in her home but by her many friends. The funeral will be attended from Christ's church Thursday at 1:30 p.m. [Norwich Sun, Nov. 15, 1906]


Leon Weller Retires from Railroad, 1938

Leon Weller To Retire from Freight Service
Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 25, 1938
Leon Weller of the D.H. Freight department will be retired from the outskirts of Otego [Otsego Co., NY] and plans to move active service in October.  He has bought a small farm on the outskirts of Otego and plans to move there next Spring.
He began his railroad work when but a lad in his teens in our local depot [Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY], where Charles Briggs, for many years the telegraph operator, taught him telegraphy.  His first position was at Tunnel where he served as freight agent as well as operator.  Later, he was returned to Bainbridge as freight agent, to fill vacancy caused by the death of Mitchell Roberts.  He has had two transfers since, one to Altamont, then to Oneonta where he has been for the past several years. 
Mr. Weller was a Bainbridge boy, the son of the late Mrs. Georgia Weller and brother of Mrs. Gertrude Hancock of Bixby St.  Mrs. Weller is the sister of Seba Hollenbeck.  They have a daughter who is head instructor of homemaking in North High School at Binghamton; and a son who is cashier of a Middleburg Bank.

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The "Bed Rock" Emery Works, 1883

The "Bed Rock" Emery Works
Chenango Union, Aug. 30, 1883
These works were started in Guilford, New York [Chenango Co.], last October, by Mr. Heaton, the owner, as an entirely new departure for emery wheel manufacture.  The first building was only 80x30 feet, one story in height, and before the roof was upon it, the orders were 170 ahead.  Since that time only about  one order out of three has been filled, and the wheels made have been sent to Mr. Heaton's old customers in nearly every State of the Union. All the wheels that have been so far made--some thousands--have been made by Mr. Heaton with his own hands, who in addition to making his own goods has kept his own books, done his own correspondence, and in fact, all the work with his own hands, having burned the midnight oil most thoroughly.  The works are now being enlarged by the addition of a second building, 50x24 feet, two stories high, and when this is finished additional help will be employed.  It speaks well for the old adage that "He who by the plow would thrive, must either hold himself or drive," that since last October not a single wheel made in these works has burst or come to grief in any way, and only two single wheels sent back for being too hard, while the same customers that sent their orders in last October, still send for "More goods same as before."
Mr. Heaton is, by training and profession, a Civil and Mechanical Engineer, who regularly served an articled pupilship to his profession.  He is a son of the Rev. Dr. Heaton, who was for some years the Rector of Guilford.  The old gentleman is now Vicar of Graine, in Kent, England, Mr. Heaton and his sister, Mrs. I.F. Sherwood, of Guilford, being the only members of the family in this State. 
Mr. Heaton has taken out some 70 patents in the last 20 years, and has let people take them, and as a rule, swindle him out of them.  During the late war, he invented and patented the armor for war vessels, called "Heaton Armor," which was used by the United States, and which Admiral D.D. Porter, in his report on Iron Clads of 1864, said saved his fleet at the passage of Vicksburg, from destruction.  Mr. Heaton spent $30,000 in perfecting and introducing his invention to the United States government, as well as in a nine years' law suit against the government to recover compensation for its use; but he never has been paid one cent for his outlay.  When he was nonsuited, on the ground that a citizen must not sue the government, etc. etc. in 1869, and his case sent to the court of claims, he gave it up in disgust, and turned his attention to chemistry and the manufacture of emery wheels, and has continued ever since a faithful, earnest, worker in his field, being one of the oldest emery wheel makers now before the public.  He improves upon all he comes in contact with, and when he saw that emery wheels were dangerous and liable to burst and kill the user, he invented the system of wire strengthening, which renders the bursting of an emery wheel about impossible, and applied for a patent in 1877.  Others got hold of his invention, and after six years suit, and an outlay of some $8,000, he has just obtained a decision of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, awarding the patent for the invention to him, as the prior inventor.  He is, not without reason, a little sour on the U.S. Government, and says it is already rotten.  If we had had his experience, perhaps we too would think so. 
Mr. Heaton was the President and Managing Director of the Heaton Emery Works of Albany, N.Y., but finding it impossible to reconcile his ideas of thoroughness with directors' sons and hangers on, holding fat berths, and not earning their pay, he sold out his interest in the company and went to Guilford to enjoy the saying, that "from little acorns do great oak trees spring."  At present his Bed Rock Works are the smallest Emery Works in the world, but they have a record cleaner and freer from failure than any other.  We wish him luck, and feel certain he will grow to be an institution of the county, of which it will have cause to be proud.  

Obituaries (April 22)

Charles U. Rider passed away on Thursday, Aug. 11, 1938, at his home in Rockdale [Chenango Co., NY], after an illness of one month.  He was 66 years old, and was born June 4, 1872 in Pennsylvania.  He was the son of John and M. (Haight) Rider.  Mr. Rider was engaged in farming and had made his home for the past six years at Rockdale.  The widow survives.  Final rites were held Sunday afternoon with Carr and Hare of Sidney in charge.  Burial was at Hartwick [Otsego Co., NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, April 18, 1938]
Glen Wood, 45, a native of Melondy Hill [Afton, Chenango Co., NY], died suddenly on Wednesday, Aug. 10, at the home of his brother, Burton Wood.  The funeral was held Friday at Colwell Brothers Funeral Parlors in Bainbridge.  Burial was in Glenwood Cemetery [Afton, NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, April 18, 1938]
Harry Welch, 44, Wellsbridge [Otsego Co., NY] farmer, was killed almost instantly after 8 o'clock Saturday night when his car and a truck load of lumber collided just west of Wellsbridge.  He was returning home from shopping to the home of Mrs. Maude Tuttle, with whom he had lived since he was 14 years old, when he met the truck at the top of a rise in the highway.  The truck driver, William French of Whitney Point, told police that, just before they met, the Welch sedan swerved suddenly to the left.  He said he tried to swing his truck to the right to avoid the collision.  The impact was so great that the lumber went forward on the truck, piercing the cab and imprisoning Mr. French.  It was necessary that the truck be unloaded before he could be removed from the truck.  One of his hands was smashed.  Mr. French was taken to the Bainbridge Hospital for treatment and later dismissed.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 18, 1938]

Septic poison, that set in from gangrene of the left leg, caused the death of Zepahiah Thorp, 48 Pearl street [Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY], last Friday afternoon.  Thorp had given up his barber practice last September and had been under doctor's care since July.  Thorp was a resident of Bainbridge for the past 35 years and was in the barber shop business for 30 years.  He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Minnie Thorp, and by a son, Orson.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 25, 1938]

Mrs. May Lester died at home of her sister, Mrs. Nellie Wakeman, on Thursday morning, Aug. 11, after an illness of three years.  She was born in Coventry [Chenango Co., NY] 46 years ago, the daughter of Elman and Jane Andrews.  In 1912, she was married to Fred V. Lester and lived in Venice [Cayuga Co.,  NY] until the death of her husband three years ago, when her health became so impaired that she came to stay with her parents and sister here.  After a prayer service at the home Sunday, the funeral was held in the Colwell Chapel with her immediate family in attendance and the Rev. George Underwood as minister.  The burial was in East Venice where a brief service was conducted by the Rev. Langford, pastor of the Federated Church there, and a life long friend of Mr. and Mrs. Lester.  Mrs. Lester was a member of the Federated church of Geneo and during her life there was active in all Christian work.  No greater tribute could be paid her than that of a resident of East Venice, who said that the community had lost one of its very best friends.  In times of illness and trouble, Mr. and Mrs. Lester were always the first to offer their services, and, because of their kindness, they were the first that people thought of in time of need.  Many beautiful flowers were brought to the funeral.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 25, 1938]

The musical world has lost a beloved composer and internationally known musician, Julio de Osma, 50, organist of St. Mary's Church in Oakland [California], who died at his home after a short illness.  Julio de Osma was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1888.  His father was a Basque and an organist of rare ability.  His mother was a descendant of an old Castilian family.  De Osma began his musical education early, studying in his native city.  At 12, he was an organist in a French College receiving his B.A. Degree with he was 17.  He had wide experience as a teacher, among his outstanding pupils being Lauri Volpi.  As a composer, he was preeminent, his Spanish songs being favorites with Galli-Curci, Bori, and other operatic stars.  De Osma founded the Conservatory of Music at San Jose, Costa Rica, and several times toured Europe as a concert pianist.  More recently, he has been musical instructor at the Dominican Convent at San Rafael as well as a church organist.  He is survived by his widow, Edra de Osma, well known artist and portrait painter, and Jose Marie De Osma, a brother, Professor at St. Lawrence University in Kansas.  Mrs. De Osma will be remembered as the daughter of Mrs. Edith Schofield.  They are now both residing in 2330 Haste, Berkeley, Cal.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 25, 1938]

Charles  Hodge, a cigar maker residing at Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], was drowned in the Susquehanna river about two and a half miles below Bainbridge shortly after 3 o'clock Friday afternoon.  Mr. Hodge and B. VanNostrand, of Oneonta were fishing from a boat which was anchored in the river at that point.  The story of the accident as told by Mr. VanNostrand is as follows:  The accident was caused by the slipping of the rope from the anchor stone when Mr. Hodge was pulling it up, so that the position of the boat might be changed.  The sudden cessation of the strain occasioned by the dropping of the weight caused Mr. Hodge to stagger back and tip the boat over.  The two men attempted to swim to the shore and after a struggle VanNostrant succeeded.  Mr. Hodge was encumbered with rubber boots, but refused any assistance from his companion.  When Mr. Van Nostrand had reached shore, he looked back, but Mr. Hodge had gone down.  [Otsego Journal, Sept. 6, 1894]


Marriages (April 22)

Prestidge - Fowlston:  Monday evening, Aug. 8, at the M.E. parsonage, the Rev. Robert Wood officiating, Mrs. Pearl Fowlston of Willet [Cortland Co., NY] was married to Oscar Prestidge of Yaleville [Chenango Co., NY].  They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Prestidge, who had only been married the Saturday previous at Brooklyn.  Immediately after the ceremony and "a good old fashioned horning,"  the two brothers and their brides left on a honeymoon trip to Michigan, where another brother resides.  The bride, although not known to many in the community, has made friends in the short time she has been here.  Mr. Prestidge is a prosperous farmer, active in church and Legion affairs.  Congratulations are extended to them.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 18, 1938]
Huxtable-HerbaughThe Rev. Lester D. Huxtable, former pastor of Afton Baptist Church and present pastor of the Union Baptist Church, was married to Mrs. Ellen Herbaugh of Adams avenue, Endicott [Broome Co., NY], daughter of Mrs. Mary  H. VanBurg of Portville, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. August F. Brucher, in Union.  The ceremony was performed on Sunday night, Aug. 7, by the Rev. Frederick H. Sterne, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Endicott.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 18, 1938]
Carwin-Palmer:  A very pretty wedding took place Tuesday, Aug. 16, at high noon when Miss Alta Palmer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Palmer, and Eena Carwin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Carwin, were married at the home of the bride's parents in East Guilford [Chenango Co., NY].  They will reside in Roger's Hollow [Otsego Co., NY] after a short wedding trip.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 18, 1938]
Peck-Nearing:  The historic and ancient old church at White Store, Mt. Upton [Chenango Co.,  NY], was the scene of an impressive wedding on Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 17, at 2 o'clock, when Miss Hannal Nearing, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nearing, was given in marriage to Willis Peck, son of Mr. Herbert Peck of Edmeston [Otsego Co., NY].  To the strains of the wedding march, played on the old organ by Miss Linnetta Camp of South New Berlin, the couple and their attendants met at the altar and were united in marriage by the Rev. Bound of Greene.  The bride was attended by her sister, Mrs. Arthur Dixson, as matron of honor, and by Miss Nellie Dixson and Miss Ola Follett as bridesmaids.  She was given in marriage by her father.  The bridegroom was attended by Norman Cady as best man.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 25, 1938]
Pfeil-Barr:  A very pretty wedding was solemnized at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning at the Calvary Baptist church, Norwich, when Miss Helen Barr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Barr of Norwich [Chenango Co., NY], became the bride of Lewis A. Pfeil, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfeil of Guilford [Chenango Co., NY].  The officiating clergyman was the Rev. Michael Klinoff and the ceremony was performed in the presence of immediate relatives and friends.  Miss Barr was attended by her sister, Mrs. Earl Bates, as matron of honor, and the Misses Bertha Coy and Leola Kirchbaum acted as bridesmaids.  Roscoe Owens of Guilford acted as best man.  The bride, given in marriage by her father, was attired in white lace gown with long train.  The veil had a lace cap, caught with orange blossoms.  It was previously worn by the bride's mother and sister at their weddings.  She carried white roses.  The matron of honor wore white net redingote over satin, with white accessories.  Her flowers were white gladioli.  The bridesmaids wore white brocaded organdie redingotes with hats to match.  They carried arm bouquets of white gladioli.  The bride's mother wore blue georgette with white accessories and a corsage of sweet peas.  The bridegroom's mother wore navy blue with a corsage of sweet peas.  Before the ceremony, Leland Benedict gave several selections on the organ.  Miss Dorothy Pfeil, sister of the bridegroom, rendered "I Love You Truly" and "Because."  White gladioli were profuse throughout the church.  The double ring service was used.  A wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride.  After a honeymoon trip to the dedication of the International Thousand Island bridge and through Canada, they will be at home to their many friends in their newly furnished home on Mechanic street, Guilford.  The bride was recently employed at the Penny Store in Norwich and the bridegroom has worked many years for the Town of Guilford.  Pre-nuptial events were given by Mrs. Earl Bates, Mrs. Leland Benedict, Mrs. Wilber Turner, the Misses Bertha Coy, Leola Kirchbaum, Mary and Eva Barnes, all of Norwich.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Aug. 25, 1938]

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BCHS Commencement 1938

School Commencement Program is Announced
Activities Start Friday with Dance; Sermon Sunday with Graduation Tuesday.
Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938
Commencement activities for the graduating class of 1938 at Bainbridge High School will start Friday evening with the Senior Ball.  Miss Connie Russell, girl director of a ten piece male orchestra from Binghamton, invites local couples to "swing, sing and sway" from 9 until 1.
The Rev. M.D. Lowen, pastor of the local Baptist Church, will be the guest speaker at the baccalaureate service Sunday evening at 8 p.m. in the high school auditorium.  He will address the graduates on "Adventurers Wanted."  Other local ministers will cooperate in the service, the Rev. F.J Zimmer giving the invocation, the Rev. S.E. Heath reading the Scripture lesson, the Rev. G.H. Orvis offering the evening prayer and the Rev. G.N. Underwood pronouncing the benediction.
Class night exercises will be held Monday evening in the auditorium, when the members of the Class of '38 will bequeath to the Juniors the task of upholding the dignity of the school.  The program, which is under the direction of Miss Mildred Petley, has been announced as taking place in a gypsy camp.
The climax of the activities is Commencement on Tuesday evening.  Honor students will deliver their Senior essays and diplomas will be awarded to over 30 candidates.  The evening's speakers and topics are as follows:
Bruce Holman, valedictorian--"Surgery, Yesterday and Today"
Graydon Cass, salutatorian--"Progress of Science"
Jenane Hamlin--"Dietetics"
Gertrude Hawkins--"Why Venice?"
Frank Lewis--"Surveying"
Myron Carl--"War or Peace"

Obituaries (April 21)

 Freemont C. Martin, 73, of Harpursville [Broome Co., NY], died Sunday morning in the Binghamton City Hospital. He is survived by his widow, Mary; four sons, Alvah and Eugene Martin of Bainbridge, Eldon Martin of Harpursville and Bert Martin of Springfield, Mass.; a daughter, Mrs. Albert Layman of Ashland, and several grandchildren.  The funeral was held from the Harry G. Kark Funeral Home in Harpursville Tuesday morning with the Rev. Orrin D. Fay of East Windsor officiating.  Burial was in the Ashland Cemetery.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938]
Funeral services were conducted at Colwell Brothers Funeral chapel, last Thursday for Leon Charles Loomis, 50, of Forest Hill, L.I., a former resident of West Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], who died June 13 in New York City.  Burial was made in the West Bainbridge Cemetery.  Mr. Loomis, a native of West Bainbridge, was a son of the late Charles H. and Cora Lyon Loomis.  Mr. Loomis attended Bainbridge High School, was graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1912, and has been a construction engineer in the metropolitan district for several years.  His most recent association was with the New York City Parks Commission.  Surviving are his wife and two children; two brothers, Ward Loomis of West Bainbridge and Dr. Ralph H. Loomis of Sidney and a sister, Mrs. Clarence Marcley of Schenectady.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938]
Daniel Nielson, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nielson, drowned Friday, June 17, in Afton lake, while swimming during the period when a final examination, from which he was exempt, was being given at the school.  The alarm was spread by Lynn Brayman and Bastine Carricilo about 5 p.m. after they found his clothing in the bathhouse at the lake.  They returned to the village and notified Whit Y. McHugh, who called state troopers.  In the meantime, older boys arrived from the village and dove until the troopers arrived.  The body was removed from 18 feet of water, about 50 feet from the shore at 6:45 by the troopers.  He is survived by his parents and eight brothers and sisters; Henry, Walter, Lucille, Audrey, Victor, Ardell, Jean, Anne and Kenneth.  The funeral was held Monday at the Baptist Church in Afton [Chenango Co., NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938]
George Harrison Avery, 70, died at his home in Rockdale [Chenango Co., NY] on Monday, June 13, of heart trouble, while cutting grass.  Mr. Avery was born April 11, 1868, in Ellenville [Ulster Co., NY], the son of the late Mariette (Tice) and Charles Avery.  He has lived in Rockdale for 45 years.  He is survived by his wife, Bertha; by one daughter, Veatrice; and by four sisters, Mrs. Ada Kidney of Middletown, Mrs. Jen York of Wintertown, Miss Harriet Avery and Mrs. James Carney of South Fallsburg, and also by several nieces and nephews. The funeral was held from the home on Friday, June 17, with the Rev. Douglas Burt of Newark Valley officiating.  Carl Smith sang, accompanied by Mrs. Lena Curtis.  Burial was made in the East Guilford Cemetery.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 23, 1938]

Miss Elizabeth Clarke, 70, of Mt. Upton [Chenango Co., NY] died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Eugene Dester,  on Wednesday, June 29.  Miss Clarke was born April 14, 1868, at county Derry, Ireland.  She had lived with her sister for the past ten years.  She is survived by two brothers, Roland Clarke of Oyster Bay, L.I.; and John Clarke of New York City, and by two sisters, Mrs. Dester and Mrs. Minnie McMullan of Newburgh.  The funeral was held from the home of her sister on Friday afternoon  Burial was made in St. Michael's Cemetery at Astoria, L.I.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, July 7, 1938]
Mrs. J. Campbell James, whose poems are appearing in the Poet's Corner of this paper, will be remembered as Miss Ivah Kniskern who lived in Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY] about 30 years ago.  She was born in Deposit [Broome Co., NY], the daughter of John and Mary Kniskern.  Mr. Kniskern was superintendent of schools in Delaware county for many years.  After his death, Mrs. Kniskern was given his position, which she held  until ill health forced her to give it up.  Soon after, she, with her children took up residence with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hamlin on the East side of Bainbridge.  Mrs. James was graduated from Bainbridge High in 1905, after which she attended Oneonta Normal.  She taught school in Leonia, N.J., and then in the Ethical Culture School on Long Island.  While here, she developed tuberculosis and was obliged to give up teaching.  She spent some time in the Adirondacks but, not receiving the help that she had hoped for, she went to Arizona.  She regained her health sufficient to resume teaching and for several years she was superintendent of teachers in Prescott High School.  Mrs. James' husband J. Campbell James, who she married in Prescott, was for many years associated with the Chamber of Commerce of that city.  For the past four years, they have lived at Grand Canyon, Arizona, where Mr. James is supervisor of CCC camps.  Mrs. James has been writing for some time and her poems have been published in the Saturday Evening Post, Poetlore and various Federal publications dealing with park services and other national projects.  [Bainbridge News &Republican, July 7, 1938]

Marriages (April 21)

Marion E. Henderson of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY] and Herbert L. Prescott, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Prescott, of Schenectady were untied in marriage Monday, June 20, in Ithaca.  The ceremony took place at the home of the Rev. J.D.W. Fetter, student pastor of the First Baptist Church, and who was the officiating minister.  The bride were navy blue chiffon, and white accessories, and a corsage of white gardenias.  Following the ceremony, a wedding luncheon was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fetter, after which Mr. and Mrs. Prescott left for an automobile trip to Virginia.  They will make their home in Sharon Pa., where Mr. Prescott is employed as an electrical engineer by the Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing co.  Mrs. Prescott graduated from Bainbridge High School in 1934 and received her A.B. degree from Cornell this June with the class of 1938.  Mr. Prescott is also a Cornell graduate, completing his course in electrical engineering in 1935.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938]
Delello-ZuccarelliLena M. Delello and John J. Zuccarelli of Bound Brook, N.J., were united in marriage Saturday morning at St. John's Catholic Church with the Rev. F.J. Zimmer officiating at the double ring ceremony.  The bridal couple was attended by Miss Rose Zuccarelli of Bound Brook, N.J., sister of the bridegroom, and Joseph Delello, brother of the bride.  The bride wore a gown of white marquisette and lace styled on Colonial lines with a full skirt and fitted bodice.  Her finger-tip tulle veil was attached to a tulle-covered coronet with lilies of the valley.  She carried a bouquet of white roses and lilies of the valley.  Miss Zuccarelli wore a gown of Hyacinth blue marquisette made on Colonial lines with a bolero effect.  Her short blue veil was attached to a Juliet cap, and her bouquet was of pink roses.  Frank Delello and Bastine Caracciolo served as altar boys, Bastine Delello as usher, and the music was furnished by Mrs. Sidney Bennett, organist, and Lucy Delello and Joseph Moore, vocalists.  The church was decorated with red and white peonies, laurel, bridal wreath and roses.  Following the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Delello.  A wedding lunchen was served at the home of the bride's grandparents, Mrs. and Mrs. Bastine Caracciolo, after which Mr. and Mrs. Zuccarelli left for Bound Brook, N.J., where they will make their home at 271 West Maple avenue and where Mr. Zuccarelli is employed by the Bakelite Corporation.  Out of town guests were present from Bound Brook, N.J., Carbondale, Pa., Schenectady, Oneonta, Otego, Afton and Harpursville.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 23, 1938]
Shubert - BrandtMrs. Dorothy Brandt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Brandt, of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY] and Paul Shubert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Shubert, of Franklin [Delaware Co., NY] were united in marriage June 25 by the Rev. G.H. Orvis at the Presbyterian manse.  Having returned from a week's trip to Niagara Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Schubert are making their home in the Shubert homestead in Franklin.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, July 7, 1938]
Henyan - BanksMiss Martha M. Banks and Marion S. Henyan of Binghamton [Broome Co., NY] were united in marriage Tuesday, June 21, in the parsonage of the First Christian Church, Binghamton, with the Rev. Arthur A. Wright officiating.  Mr. and Mrs. Henyan will make their home in Binghamton.  The bride was formerly a resident of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, July 7, 1938]
Ballantyne - HallMiss Velma M. Hall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry V. Hall of this village [Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY], and Clifford Ballantyne, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Ballantyne of Greene [Chenango Co., NY], were united in marriage Saturday morning at the home of the bride, by the Rev. G.H. Underwood, pastor of the local M.E. Church.  The couple was attended by Miss Louise Hall and Robert Hall, sister and brother of the bride.  The bride wore a gown of blue chiffon, and carried a bouquet of yellow Tallsman roses.  Her attendant also wore a blue chiffon dress.  Mrs. Harry Parsons played Mendelssohn's Wedding March on the piano. Immediately following the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Ballantyne left on a weekend trip to Niagara Falls,  They will make their home in Bainbridge, at 16 South Main street.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, July 7, 1938]
Day - PhelpsMrs. Eva Phelps and Vincent K. Day of Harpursville were married Monday evening by the Rev. George N. Underwood at the Bainbridge Methodist parsonage.  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Loomis of Oxford witnessed the marriage. The couple will make their home t Harpursville where the bridegroom is engage din farming.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, July 7, 1938]
Miller - McBrideMiss Martha McBride of Chicago, Ill., and Austin Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller of Rochester, were married in the church at East Guilford the last of the week.  A wedding supper was served about 5 p.m. and many of the guests remained over the weekend.  [Bainbridge News  Republican, July 7, 1938]

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Post Listings April 14-20, 2014

Listing of blog postings for the week of April 14-20, 2014.

Posted April 15, 2014
Elizabeth Moran - Erving Beckwith (1938)
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Toby (16th anniversary, 1899)
William A. Laman - Henrietta Minor (1899)
Mabelle Maude Sterling - Alfred Charles Wethey (1899)
Frederick Eugene Knapp - Elizabeth Grant Horton (1900)

Posted April 16, 2014
Roberta M. Whitney - Harry M. Woods (1938)
Marie Anthony - Ronald Chase (1938)
Phebe Follett - Eugene Martin (1938)
William D. Osgood - Ida Lawrence (1899)

Posted April 17, 2014
Betsey Grant Horton - Fred Eugene Knapp (1900)
Dr. W.R. Hitchcock - Emily C. Brown (1900)
Don C. Pratt - Mabel Myrick (1900)
Mary Catharine Robinson - Walter S. Knapp (1900)
William D. Thomas - Mabel Whitman (1900)
J. Frederick Spohn - Sigrid Aida Hamitlon (1903)

Posted April 18, 2014
Elizabeth Bennett - Vaughn Herrick (1938)
Margaret R. Tracy - Charles R. Cole (1938)
Gabriel C. Bondzin - Eugene F. Doster (1938)
Bertha Snyder - Charles Bennett (1938)
Helen Winsor - Robert Race (1938)

Posted April 19, 2014
Virginia Frances Hirt - John Lott Bergen (1938)
Marion E. Ford - David A. Fraser (1938)
Ruth MacDonald - Neil Stoddard (1938)

Posted April 20, 2014
Dorothy Helen Randall - Henry Albert Fryover (1938)
Helen Seiler - Max H. Root (1938)
Nina Jester - Grant Bacon (1938)
Pauline Keach - Richard Leslie Covey (1938)
Marguerite L. Jones - Frank E. Stiles (1938)
Dorothy Heith - Frank Arnold (1938)
Eleanor Belle Coon - Ora B. Moore (1938)
Posted April 14, 2014
Emma (Blenco) Hutchinson (Guilford, 1938)
Wallace May (Bainbridge, 1938)
Frank H. Bird (Norwich, 1938)
Aaron Hitchcock (Bainbridge, 1938)
George Clark (Afton, Bainbridge, 1938)

Posted April 15, 2014
Ellen (Prince) Smith (Cortland, Bainbridge, 1901)
Eliza A. Weed (Deposit, 1901)
John W. Copley (Bainbridge, 1901)
Olive B. Humphrey (Bainbridge, 1901)
Sanford Carpenter (Deposit, 1901)

Posted April 16, 2014
Clarence Ingersoll (Guilford, 1938)
Ella Bradbury Nash (Guilford, 1938)
Delbert Colyer (Guilford, 1938)
Libbie Yale Grant (Utica, 1938)
Emily (Nutter) Vander Hule (1938)
Mrs. George C. Frank (Guilford, 1938)
Harriet Elizabeth Harvey (Norwich, 1863]

Posted April 17, 2014
Martha T. Priest (Masonville, 1901)
Stephen Pettys (Windsor, 1901)
Elizabeth Lane Newman (Bainbridge, 1901)
Charlotte I. Wilcox (Binghamton, 1901)
Harrison R. Caswell (Afton, 1901
Mrs. Nelson Humphrey (Bainbridge, 1901)
Elizabeth Bishop Wightman (Norwich, 1901)

Posted April 18, 2014
Allie M. Tyler (Godfrey's Corners, 1938)
Florence Fleming (Guilford, 1938)
Daniel J. Sullivan (Windsor, Johnson City, 1938)
Mary Thompson (Rogers Hollow, 1938)
Louisa DeForest (Rogers Hollow, 1938)
John S. Hayes (Cincinnatus, 1901)
Henry Dickson (New Berlin, 1901)

Posted April 19, 2014
William Kelly (Sidney, 1938)
Oscar Nesbitt (Afton, 1938)
Fred Eugene Springsteen (Bainbridge, Afton, 1938)
Charles Stewart Latimer (Afton, 1938)
Katherine Kniskern (Deposit, Afton, 1938)
Charlotte Moat Throop (Oquaga, Bainbridge, 1938)
Milicent E. (Griswold) Barber (Oxford, 1901)
Mary J. (Decker) Cornell (Norwich, 1901)
Duane W. Foster (Norwich, 1901)

Posted April 20, 1938
Delia Williams Lathrop (Binghamton, Bainbridge, 1938)
Ralph William Corbin (Bennettsville, 1938)
Joyce Ann Curtis (Guilford, 1938)
Harry W. Benton (Afton, 1938)
Louisa Booth (Baldwin) Vedder (Guilford Centre, Deerfield, IL, 1901)

Posted April 14, 2014
Death of Bert Lord, US Congressman, Born in Colesville, Afton Resident, May 24, 1930.

Posted April 15, 2014
A Quaint Inscription, Tabitha Agard, Smithville, Chenango Co., NY, Chenango American, Greene, NY.

Posted April 16, 2014
BCHS Class of 1935, Senior Portraits, Part 1.
Guilford High School Homemaking Club. 1950s.

Posted April 18, 2014
Native of Bainbridge Sets Mark as Organist, Dr. Ray Hastings Completes 26 Years of Service in Los Angeles Church, Bainbridge News & Republican, March 17, 1938.
Pastoral Surprise in Guilford, Chenango Telegraph & Chronicle, March 20, 1867.

Posted April 19, 2014
Miscellaneous Happenings 1898; Bainbridge Republican, April 20, 1898, May 4, 1898, May 11, 1898.
Posted April 20, 2014

Officers of Susquehanna Lodge No. 167 F.&A.M., Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York, January 1971  (Photo)

Bainbridge Masons, 1971

Officers of Susquehanna Lodge No. 167 F.&A.M.
Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York
January 1971
New Officers of Susquehanna Lodge no. 167 F.&A.M. of Bainbridge were installed this week.  The lodge is now 121 years old.  Pictured left to right are:
Front Row:  Donald Harvey, Senior Master of Ceremonies; William Ward, Senior Deacon; Leon Stewart, Marshall; James Bartz, Master; Newton Hovey, Senior Warden
Back Row:  Paul Sypher, Steward; Ted Hamlin, organist; David Mott, Junior Warden; Ward Bradish, Treasurer; George Mulkins, Secretary; Seward Gilbert, Chaplain.
Not pictured are Wellington Swart, Junior Deacon; Joseph Leonard, Junior Master of Ceremonies and Lester Stockwell III, Steward.

Obituaries (April 20)

Mrs. Delia W. Lathrop, 65, died suddenly Sunday afternoon at her home on Conklin avenue, Binghamton [Broome Co., NY].  She is survived by her husband, Melrose W. Lathrop of Binghamton; one daughter, Mrs. Albert Avon of Binghamton; one brother, Homer Underwood of Lisle; one sister, Mrs. Nellie Japhet, and by two granddaughters, Mrs. Noel Slay of Binghamton and Genevieve Dougherty, also of Binghamton.  Mrs. Lathrop was the widow of J.B Williams, who for many years was the proprietor of a grocery store in West Main street, Bainbridge [Chenango Co.,  NY].  The funeral was held at the Gould Funeral Home Tuesday afternoon with a prayer service and burial at the Greenlawn Cemetery, Bainbridge.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, May 26, 1938]
Ralph William Corbin, progressive Bennettsville [Chenango Co., NY] farmer, passed away at his home Monday morning, after an illness of about a year and a half.  Mr. Corbin was born on the family homestead in the Town of Afton [Chennago Co., NY] on Dec. 16, 1865, the son of Devillo White Corbin and Emeline Mosher Corbin.  He attended the Bainbridge Academy from where he graduated in 1884.  In October, 1896, he was united in marriage to Laura Teed of Bennettsville.  Four children survive, two sons, Warren T. of Bennettsville and Ralph, Jr., music instructor in the Bainbridge High School; two daughters, Mrs. Robert Hughston of Unadilla and Olive E., a Senior at Oneonta Normal School; one sister, Mrs. D.Ward Lewis of New York; two grandsons, David Warren Corbin and Robert LeGrande Hughston; two nephews, David W. Lewis and Harold D. Hynds of New York, and one niece, Mrs. William Connor of Cambridge, Mass.. Mr. Corbin was the great-grandson of Sylvester Corbin who as one of the original Vermont "Sufferers", left Poultney, Vt., and settled on the 350 acres which has since formed the nucleus for the Corbin homestead.  Mr. Corbin was widely read, and was one of the most progressive dairy farmers in this vicinity.  He was one of the first members of the Holstein-Friesian Association in this part of the country.  He was president, as well as one of the founders, of the local Dairy Producers' Co-operative Corporation, which was started in 1921 and which was later sold to the Sheffield Creamery Co.  He also showed prize stock at local fairs for 25 years.  Mr. Corbin was a life-long member of the Universalist Church.  Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the Corbin homestead with burial in the East Side Cemetery at Afton.  The Rev. G.H. Orvis was the officiating pastor.    The bearers were C.H. Eldred, R.W. Kirby, James Ireland, George Fredenburgh, Jay Hager and Charlie Colwell.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, May 26, 1938]
Joyce Ann Curtis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Curtis, of Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], died Monday morning, June 13, after a brief illness due to streptococci infection.  Joyce would have been three on June 30.  She is survived by her parents and by several brothers and sisters.  The funeral was held from the home on Wednesday afternoon with the Rev. Robert Wood of Guilford officiating.  Burial was made in the Morris Cemetery at Morris [Otsego Co., NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938]
Harry W. Benton, for many years a resident of Afton [Chenango Co., NY], died Monday night at the Bainbridge Hospital following a long illness.  He is survived by his widow, Edith; by one daughter, Mrs. Charlene Hess; by one grandson; and by two brothers, Jesse and Edward Benton.  The funeral was held from the late home in Afton on Thursday, June 9, with the Rev. Clifford E. Webb of the Presbyterian Church officiating.  Burial was made in Glenwood Cemetery at Afton.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938]
Died in Dearfield, Ill. Sunday  morning November 24, 1901, Louisa Booth Baldwin, wife of Almon Vedder, aged 66 years, one month and 24 days.  To the many friends who had the pleasure of knowing the deceased, more than a passing notice would seem most fitting.  Mrs. Vedder was born in Guilford Centre N.Y. [Chenango Co.], September 28, 1835.  Her father, William Baldwin, was of Connecticut stock, as was her mother, Louisa Booth.  From her parents she inherited the sterling qualities that fitted her for a practical, useful life.  She lived in her childhood home until womanhood, then went to Chicago to reside with her aunt, Mrs. James H. Woodworth.  Here, to a home of culture and refinement, she spent many happy years.  On February 25, 1879, she married Almon Vedder of Deerfield, and lived from that time in the home where she died.  In this home, in the church of which she was a member, and in the neighborhood where she lived, her beautiful useful life was a high example of Christian character.  Since her residence in Chicago, she made frequent visits to her old home, and twice she visited in Norwich.  She was always a welcome guest to her old friends.  In March 1900, she was attacked with la grippe, and from that time had been in declining health.  All the long weary months, that brought her great physical suffering, she bore with heroic Christian fortitude, showing that religion to her was not a mere name. She has passed away, but the memory of her beautiful life will ever be cherished by those who knew and loved her.  Her funeral was held from her late home on Tuesday, November 26th and was conducted by the pastor of the Highland Park Baptist church, of which she was a member.  She is survived by her husband and one brother, George H. Baldwin of this village.  [Chenango Semi-Weekly Telegraph, Nov. 30, 1901]

Marriages (April 20)

Fryover - Randall:  A pretty wedding was solemnized Saturday evening, May 14, at the Methodist Church in Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], when Miss Dorothy Helen Randall, daughter of Mrs. Mabel and the late Ward Randall, became the bride of Henry Albert Fryover, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Fryover of Norwich [Chenango Co., NY].  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Leon Bouton of Binghamton, with the Rev. Robert Wood of Guilford assisting.  The bride was given in marriage by her older brother, Gerald Randall.  Mrs. Margaret Bloom, at the organ, played "O Promise Me", "Because," "Love's Old Sweet Song", Wagner's Wedding March from "Lohengrin" and the "Wedding March" of Mendelssohn's.  Mr. and Mrs. Earl Oldfield rendered the ever beautiful "I Love You Truly."  Miss Inez Randall, sister of the bride, acted as maid of honor and Burton Fryover, brother of the bridegroom, was gest man.  The ushers were Russell Fryover and Stanley Randall, brothers of the bride and bridegroom.  The bride was attired in white crepe with net and a long tulle veil.  She carried an arm bouquet of talisman roses.  Her attendant wore pink taffeta with blue and carried pink roses.  The bride's mother wore purple flowered crepe with grey.  She wore a corsage of red roses.  The bridegroom's mother wore rust and white with a corsage of yellow roses.  The ceremony was performed under an arch of evergreen and apple blossoms, ferns and palms with other plants decorating the altar.  Both the bride and bridegroom are graduates of Norwich High School.  Mr. Fryover is cost-clerk at the Maydole plant in Norwich.  A reception followed the ceremony at the home of the bride's mother in Ives Settlement, which was attended by about 50 relatives and friends.  The table was decorated with pink, yellow and white crepe paper forming an arch for the bride's cake.  After the wedding lunch, many useful gifts were displayed by the couple.  After a short wedding trip they will reside in Norwich.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, May 19, 1938]
Root - SeilerHelen Seiler and Max H. Root of Oxford [Chenango Co., NY] were united in marriage at a quiet ceremony Friday, May 20, at 6 p.m. at the Bainbridge Methodist parsonage, with the Rev. G.H. Underwood officiating.  The impressive double-ring ceremony was used.  Miss June Root and Miss Mabel Seiler were the attendants.  Upon their return from a wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Root will make their home in Oxford.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, May 26, 1938]
Bacon - JesterMiss Nina Jester, daughter of Mrs. Grace Jester of Sidney [Delaware Co., NY], and Grant Bacon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bacon of this village [Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY], were united in marriage Friday, May 13, by Justice of the Peace L. Orvis.  Mr. and Mrs. Bacon will reside in Bainbridge on their return from a wedding trip.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, May 26, 1938]
Covey-KeachMiss Pauline Keach, daughter of Ray Keach of Guilford [Chenango Co., NY], and Richard Leslie Covey, also of Guilford, were married Saturday evening, June 4.  The ceremony was performed at Bainbridge by the Rev. M. DeForest Lowen.  Dorothy G. and Leroy Adams of Norwich were the witnesses.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938]
Stiles - JonesMiss Marguerite L. Jones, daughter of Mrs. William Golden of McDonough [Chenango Co., NY] and Frank E. Stiles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Stiles of Coventry [Chenango Co., NY], were united in marriage by the Rev. R.E. Gould in the Central Baptist Church in Greene on Saturday afternoon, May 29.  The attendants were Miss Marjorie Stiles, sister of the bridegroom, and Douglas Vergeson.  The bride wore a French blue gown with white accessories and carried a bouquet of tea roses and lilies of the valley.  The bridesmaid was attired in an aquamarine gown with white accessories and her corsage was of white roses.  Mrs. Clifford Excell presided at the organ.  A wedding breakfast was given by Mr. and Mrs. William Golden at the Wee Hoose Inn....After a short wedding trip the couple will reside on Canal street in Greene [Chenango Co., nY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938]
Arnold - HeithMiss Dorothy Heith and Frank Arnold of Unadilla [Otsego Co., NY] were united in marriage on Sunday, June 12, by the Rev. Harris A. Freer of Guilford at his home on School street.  The ceremony was witnessed by Mrs. Harris Freer and Mrs. Thomas Hubbard.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938]
Moore - CoonMiss Eleanor Belle Coon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Coon of Morris [Otseog Co., NY], was united in marriage to Ora B. Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moore of this village [Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY], Friday evening at the home of the bride's parents in Maple Grove.  The Rev. W.J. Craig, pastor of the Gilbertsville Presbyterian Church, performed the ceremony in the presence of 18 guests.  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Jordan of Gilbertsville attended the bridal couple.  The bride wore a blue moirĂ© gown with navy accessories.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, June 16, 1938]

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Marriages (April 19)

Miss Virginia Frances Hirt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Hirt, and John Lott Bergen, son of Mrs. Caroline VanSinderin Bergen of Jamaica, L.I., were united in marriage on Friday morning by the Rev. George  H. Orvis at the First Presbyterian Church.  Mrs. AC. Wilcox was at the organ.  The bride was given in marriage by her father.  She wore a white taffeta princess style gown, trimmed with lace, and a finger tip veil.  Her bouquet was of gardenias and lilies of the valley.  The maid-of-honor was Miss Anna L. Bergen of Jamaica, L.I., sister of the groom.  She wore a fuchsia taffeta gown. The bridesmaids were Miss Mildred Petley of Bainbridge and Miss Eloise Carpenter of Morris.  They were dressed in pink and blue taffeta.  The attendants wore large straw hats with matching ribbon crowns, and carried bouquets of talisman roses.  Mrs. Hirt, mother of the bride, wore a gown of hyacinth blue lace and crepe, with a gardenia corsage.  The mother of the groom, Mrs. Bergen, was dressed in royal blue lace, with a corsage of gardenias.  Teunis J. Bergen of Rockville Center, L.I., cousin of the groom, was best man.  The ushers included:  Milton G. Billard of Far Rockaway L.I., and Maurice Amend of Queens Village, L.I.  The church was attractively decorated with banks of palms and Easter lilies by the local Crescendo Club, friends of the bride.  Following the ceremony, an informal reception was held in the church, after which the bridal party, relatives and out-of-town guests were entertained at a breakfast at the Red Shutters Tea Room in Afton.  Mr. and Mrs. Bergen left in the afternoon for New York City from where they sailed Saturday for Bermuda on the "Monarch of Bermuda."  Mrs. Bergen is a graduate of the Bainbridge High School and William Smith College.  At present, she is one of the music supervisors in the Johnson City School system.  Mr. Bergen, a graduate of Bucknell College, is in the employ of General Motors at Jamaica.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, April 21, 1938]
Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Marion E. Ford, daughter of Mrs. J. Wilson Ford of Ithaca, formerly of Oneonta and Bainbridge, to David A. Fraser, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Fraser of Syracuse.  Miss Ford was graduated from Oneonta High School in 1929 and from Cornell University in 1933.  During the following three years, she taught home economics in Bainbridge Central School.  Miss Ford is now a member of the faculty of the Ithaca Senior High School.  Mr. Fraser is an attorney practicing in Syracuse.  He is an alumnus of the Cornell Law School and of Hamilton College, where he was affiliated with Chi Psi.  [Bainbridge News & Republican,  May 5, 1938]
Stoddard-MacDonald:  Miss Ruth MacDonald, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold MacDonald of Sidney [Delaware Co., NY], and Neil Stoddard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Stoddard of Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY], were united in marriage Sunday, May 1, at the home of the groom's parents.  the Rev. S.E. Heath of the local St. Peter's Episcopal Church was the officiating rector.  Miss Alice Lorrimore of Sidney Centre and Charles Folts of Sidney were the attendants.  The bride wore a gown of light blue with a corsage of talisman roses, and Miss Lorrimore wore dark blue.  After a short wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Stoddard will make their home in Bainbridge.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, May 12, 1938]

Obituaries (April 19)

William Kelly died suddenly Sunday morning, April 10, while attending services in the Sidney M.E. Church [Delaware Co., NY].  He expired after the closing words of a hymn.  The deceased was born in 1871 at Buerford, Ontario, Canada.  In 1900 he moved to Alberta, Canada, where he served in the railway service as conductor for 20 years.  In 1927, he came with his family to Syracuse and later moved to Bovina, coming from there to the present home on the Sidney road.  Surviving are his widow, two sons, Rae and Alan; one daughter, Miss Edith Kelly, a teacher at Warwick; and two sisters, Mrs. Jennie Broad of Syracuse and Mrs. Ella Porter of Brantford, Ontario, Canada.  The funeral, which was largely attended, was held in the Sidney Methodist church last Wednesday afternoon. Burial was made in the Prospect Hill Cemetery [Sidney,  NY].  The Rev. William E. Elwood, pastor of the Sidney Methodist church, was assisted at the committal service by the Rev. G.H. Orvis of Bainbridge.  The bearers were J.S. Walker, Elwood Fisher, Howard Collar, E.H. Comfort, Charles Winnie and William Kent.  [Bainbridge News & Republican,  Apr. 21, 1938]
Oscar Nesbitt, 68, passed away Friday evening, April 15, at his home about three miles south of Afton [Chenango Co., NY].  He had been ill about two weeks.  The funeral was held at 1:30 p.m. at his home Tuesday, April 19.  Burial was made at South Kortright [Delaware Co., NY], former home of the Nesbitt family.  He is survived by his widow, three daughters, Sarah, Marion and Marjorie and by one son, Fred.  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Apr. 21, 1938]

Fred Eugene Springsteen, 61, passed away suddenly Wednesday afternoon of heart trouble.  He was found in the sugar house of Charles Latimre, by whom he was employed.  The deceased was born in the Town of Windsor [Broome Co., NY] on Aug. 5, 1877, and spent most of his life in this vicinity.  In 1909, he was united in marriage to Elnora Clark of Bainbridge, who died last December.  Mr. Springsteen came to Bainbridge [Chenango Co., NY] around 1911.  He was employed on the Beatty farm and by the American Separator Co., until 1930.  Since then, he has lived in the vicinity of Afton [Chenango Co., NY].  There survive two children, a daughter, Mrs. Henry Thurston, and a son, Wilford of Afton, and three sisters.  Services were held Saturday afternoon from Colwell Brothers' Funeral Parlor with the Rev. W.S. Jones of the Afton M.E Church officiating.  Interment was in the Greenlawn Cemetery [Bainbridge, NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, Apr. 21, 1938]

Charles Stewart Latimer of Afton [Chenango Co., NY], youngest son of the late Oliver C. and Roana Humphrey Latimer, died Tuesday evening, April 26, after a long illness.  He was born Jan. 6, 1873.  Sixty-one years ago, April 20, 1877, his parents moved to the Latimer homestead occupied by the family since 1841.  After graduation from the Afton High School he taught for a time, then took a business course at Elmira.  He and his brother, George, were engaged in lumbering for 14 years.  Following his marriage to Miss Alice Dopp of Sidney, they returned to the homestead and engaged in farming.  He was town assessor for a number of years, was connected with the Dairymen's League, the Grange League Federation, the Afton Fair Association, a member of the Afton M.E. Church and of the Board of Stewards.  He is survived by his widow, two sons, Charles O. and Robert G., a daughter, Alice R.; two brothers, George P. of Schaghticoke and James H., and a sister, Mary J. of Afton.  Funeral services were held at Colwell Brothers Chapel Friday with the Rev. George Roberts of Chenango Forks, formerly of Afton, officiating, and the Rev. W.S. Jones of Afton assisting.  Burial was made in the East side Cemetery [Afton, NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, May 5, 1938]

Mrs. Katherine Kniskern, 71, widow of James M. Kniskern, formerly of Deposit [Broome Co., NY], died Saturday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Faulkner on the East Side following a long illness.  She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Margaret Faulkner of Afton, Miss Florence Kniskern of White Plains, and Miss Ruth Kniskern of Endicott; by one sister, Mrs. Georgia Moses of Afton and by three grandchildren, James, Frank and Alice Katherine Faulkner.  A private funeral service was held at the Colwell Brothers Chapel in Bainbridge Tuesday, May 10, with the Rev. Clifford Webb officiating.  Burial was made in Glenwood Cemetery at Afton [Chenango Co., NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, May 12, 1938]

Mrs. Charlotte Moat Throop died suddenly early Tuesday morning at her home on Pearl street [Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY], after being stricken with a cerebral hemorrhage Monday.  She was born at Oquaga on April 25, 1882, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moat.  She attended school in Oquaga and, in 1900, was united in marriage to Miner Throop of Doraville.  They remained on a farm in Doraville until 1923 and since have made their home in Bainbridge.  Besides her husband, Miner Throop, village street commissioner, there survive two daughters, Mrs. Llewellyn Tucker of Dalton, Mass., and Mrs. Orson Thorp of Bainbridge; one son, Joseph, a senior at Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy; her father, Frank Moat of Vestal; a sister, Mrs. Clayton Hilton, also of Vestal, and a brother, Claude Moat of Doraville.  Mrs. Throop, who had been in fair health for the past several years, was an active member of the local Home Bureau unit and was connected with the local Methodist Episcopal Church.  Funeral services will be held at the Colwell Brothers' Funeral Chapel on Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m.  The Rev. G.N. Underwood of the Methodist church will be the officiating pastor.  Burial will be made in the Greenlawn Cemetery [Bainbridge, NY].  [Bainbridge News & Republican, May 12, 1938]

Mrs. Milicent E. Barber, widow of the late Professor David G. Barber died early Saturday morning last at her home about one mile above this village.  She was the daughter of Elizabeth and Matthew Griswold and was born in 1819 at Spencertown [Columbia Co., NY].  She was married September 22, 1841, at South New Berlin to Professor Barber, who for a long time held the principalship of Oxford academy [Chenango Co., NY].  Mrs. Barber was a member of the Baptist church and a lady highly respected among an extensive circle of friends.  She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Carrie B. Keyes of this village and Mrs. W.I. Coggeshall of New York; also by three brothers and a sister.  The funeral was held today from the home, Rev. C.B. Parsons officiating. Interment was made in Riverview cemetery [Oxford, NY].  [Chenango Semi-Weekly Telegraph, Dec. 11, 1901]

At 148 East Main street in this village [Norwich, Chenango Co., NY] Sunday evening, December 8, 1901, Mary J. Decker, wife of Charles O. Cornell, died, aged 45 years.  Funeral Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. S.J. Ford officiating.  Burial in Mt. Hope [Norwich, NY].  Deceased is survived by her mother, Mrs. Electa Weed of South New Berlin, two sisters residing in Oxford, one sister, Mrs. Saftenberg, of Norwich, and her husband and five sons and one daughter of this village.  [Chenango Semi-Weekly Telegraph, Dec. 11, 1901]

At his residence, No. 53 Henry street in this village [Norwich, Chenango Co., NY], December 9, 1901, Duane W. Foster died, aged 42 years.  Arrangements for the funeral have not yet been made.  Mr. Foster was formerly employed in the Maydole Hammer factory, and later was driver for Dr. R.H. Phelps.  He has been a sufferer from consumption for some time. His wife and four children survive.  [Chenango Semi-Weekly Telegraph, Dec. 11, 1901]